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We Get Feedback Letters

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Feedback from Pool and Spa Owners.

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   I have been reading your site for years and I want to thank you for all you super clear and rational pool info; great job! Thank you!!

Dave B., 9/20/2020


►  Just wanted to say how refreshing it is to have a product that i purchase do EXACTLY what you said that it would do! I used your Fix A Leak product on my hot tub and it completely stopped a stubborn leak! Thanks a million!

Mike L., 8/19/2020

►  Alan, i just got my ColorQ #2062 and you are right.  I love it.  Looking forward to a care free summer of crystal clear water. If only the rain would stop! Thanks again.

Patricia S., 6/15/2019

►  I bought your product, but I had no hope it would work. Last year all of a sudden my hot tub started leaking the whole thing leaked almost empty in 24 hours. Yesterday I filled the tub and used Fix A Leak and VIOLA.... 24 hours later and the water level never even dropped.  I am so impressed.  Thank You.

Stacey S., 4/20/2019

►  Hi Alan, I received the Pool Refresh last night and used it. My pool turned from green to white. Then overnight, I had a 1 inch thick cloud on the bottom of my pool.  All vacuumed out and my water is no longer green, from the copper and iron.  Just a bit more to settle and vacuum out.  Worked wonders, way better than I expected!  Now I know that the metals and phosphates are out of the pool.  Thanks for great service

Vivien C., France, 6/20/2017

►  You were so right about my staining. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT. I would not have purchased my stain treatment chemicals anywhere else. You offer a good service to your customers - keep up the good work, It is appreciated!

Gary M., Debary, Florida, 2/19/2016

►  Hello Alan.  Just wanted to take a quick minute and say thanks for all your help last week.  I was having a heck of a time trying to balance out my tub and was encountering a number of issues from very high and fluctuating TA levels as well as discoloration with my spa's water.  Not only were you very quick, but your knowledge base didn't really seem to end. My tub's water, after the switch from chlorine to bromine, has been incredible, and that's in no small part due to your help and patience.  I couldn't have done it without you, and for that I'm very grateful! If there's anyone out there in doubt, as to where to go for technical help, as well as spa supplies, look no further.  Thanks for everything!

Greg P., Norway (Formerly from NJ), 11/9/2015

You may be interested to know that I previously attempted to purchase the ColorQ Photometer from a different on-line merchant.  I found them completely uninterested in helping me purchase the product. That's how I ended up on your site. Thanks again for the great customer service.  Kind regards,

Kevin W., 1/5/2015

Thanking you very much for the solutions to our pool water problem.  I have given the information to my husband, the association president and our building manager. Again, thank you for taking the time to send solutions and websites, where certain other products may be purchased.  Sincerely.

Sharon W., Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 8/29/2014

Didn't know where on your site to put this, but YOU GUYS ROCK! I was a real skeptic because our brown stains (25 year old gunite pool with well water stains) were there for so many years and every pool service told us they were impossible to remove. Your MetalTrap Stain Reversal Kit product has my pool looking brand new in 24 hours. THANK YOU! I've sent your website to all of my neighbors.  You people really know what your doing!

Leesa D., Great Falls VA, 6/27/2014

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you very, very much. The ColorQ and I spend a lot more time enjoying a perfectly balanced spa and a lot less time with test strips and chemicals.

Eric S., 1/23/2014

Great web site and I searched everywhere for a answer first. And I also asked my spa dealer and a chemical company and neither bothered to reply. By a stupid mistake I put way too much anti foam in my spa  tub. It turned the water cloudy and two weeks later still cloudy. Is my only option to drain and refill?  Thank you for your time.  Best regards.

Michael G,, 11/3/2013  (Click here to go to Spa Foaming Problems - to see the complete Q and A.)


Thank you so much for your quick response and your recommendations.  We are very grateful for your willingness to provide online support and suggest about ways to work on the problem.  With gratitude

Diane R., 10/6/2013

Hi Alan.  No more questions from Greg in Brownsburg, IN. Throughout the last several years you and your site have accurately answered all of my pool questions. I can think of no other source that has been as helpful as you and your site, and I cannot thank you enough. I confidently manage my pool like a pro now. I will still visit your site for any updated equipment or tools that might make pool maintenance easier.

I have sent donations (Susan G. Komen's Breast Cancer Fund) to your chosen places before, and if there is anything else I can do to say thank you. please, please let me know.  Sincerely,

Greg M., Brownsburg, IN 5/12/2013
PS. Happy Mothers Day to those in your Family. : )

Hi Alan. We purchased Liquid MetalTrap and added it to our pool as we filled it using the MetalTrap filter we purchased from you last year. As you'll see, the metal in the water is MUCH better than we ever had it. We then had the water tested and the findings are as noted below. Please let us know what products you recommend we use including the type of chlorine to get all balanced and to maintain. I will keep this info on file to reference every year. Once we receive your response I will purchase a few more Liquid MetalTrap to put in weekly along with the other products you suggest. THANK YOU! I put your info on my Facebook page as well especially because you have been the ONLY one that has honestly helped us with our pool issues!

Laurie C., 5/23/2012

Thank you Alan. Just want to say your website offers invaluable advice and shopping ideas!

Elizabeth S., 8/12/2011

Thanks!!  The ColorQ Water Analyzer was actually at the house (they usually deliver to the business) when we got home last night, about hour after I e-mailed you. I do appreciate you responding so quickly though. That's why I like doing business with you.

Wanda, Bloomer, WI, 6/16/2011

Alan! Thank you so much! It actually worked! I put the METALTRAP Stain Remover, in a sock, on top of the stain and it worked! I left it there over night, because I forgot about it, and when I went out there this morning it was 100% gone! In my own words "You Rock!"

Angela S., 5/21/2011

Last week I emailed a question to you about bubbles popping up under my pool liner that would gush water out the sides of the pool when popped. You suggested a water pipe burst which made perfect sense with the pump problems we were having. We contacted the man we purchased our land from and sure enough he said there were old lines along that side of our property, with one being directly under our pool . We were able to cap it off at our well house (and all the others to go with it!) and fix not just our pool but also our water. I can't thank you enough. I prayed for God to help us find out what was going on and you answered that prayer! God Bless you!

Christy P., 9/20/2010

This is not a question but a Thank you. The product Fix a Leak saved me over a $1000 in repair bills. My hot tub had a huge leak and after 3 days of running the tub with your product it stopped. I'm ordering more (just in case) for the future. A great product. No wonder the stores around her don't supply it. It would put their repair men out of business.

Thanks again. Chad B., 7/10/2010

Thanks Alan - you are keenly aware I am type A LOL! But... I am also loyal like gun dog and a great promoter of those who do the right things and provide a great service for the dollar value (you). As expensive as all this has been I could not buy this much education for the same price and it is all money well spent.

Best regards. Wolf, 6/30/2010
PS - Stain removal coming along fine. Will start adjusting my water back up tomorrow eve or Friday am.

Editors Note: The writer resides in an area with known, severe iron and manganese problems, in the well water. While able to control the problem of both precipitated, oxidized metals, as well as the still soluble forms, using a combination METALTRAP products, he choose to add a home treatment systems and use a dedicated line to supply water to the MetalTrap Dual-Cartridge FILTER. The problem is solved and the household water, is all the better for it.

Editors Note:  Wolf is definitely a type A.  We spoke twice, using the telephone helpline.  He is the only former email writer whose phone number I have kept.  He chose a costly route, because it was what was needed and it worked.  I have referred a few people to share his experience, but only after I call and receive his permission.  Great guy!  Shame we don't live closer.

Have a iron issue in our pool from the well water top off. Came home from a long vacation to find an algae bloom in progress. Stupid me screwed up the chlorine level. Anyway, shocked the pool and thought metal magnet and clarifier would help get the residue out of the pool. With the high chlorine level, I got an iron precipitate which left the pool surfaces a nice dark orange color. My local pool company recommended oxalic acid which I checked out on the web. Not nice stuff. I have been using your METALTRAP Filter to pre filter the well water to remove the iron for a while and checked your site. I knew about METALTRAP Stain Remover and have used it to remove some iron stains on occasion, but not to this extent. Bought your METALTRAP Stain Remover and waited until the chlorine dissipated, as directed. (Slow process since it is an indoor pool) Sprinkled in the stain remover and all the dark orange stain just vanished without the nasties of the oxalic acid. Didn't even lower the pH by much. Truly pleased with the product. By the way, the pool company had never heard that METALTRAP Stain Remover could do the job. Thanks again. A Satisfied Customer.

Jerry S., Fairborn, OH, 3/30/2012, (Click here to go to Pool Staining Problems - to see the complete Q and A.)

I just opened my pool and have been working with a local pool supply company to resolve an algae problem.  I mis-measured the algaecide they sold me and added way too much - and got the dreaded foam.  I must have searched a dozen websites that have a question posted similar to "How do I get rid of foam from algaecide?" and the response every time was "Use a PolyQuat" algaecide"...  I'm not pool expert, but that sounds like a preventative measure, not a solution for people that have already messed up and are desperate for help.  Your website was the only one I found that gave several specific and helpful suggestions for clearing the foam.  I just wanted to thank you for that!  I will keep it bookmarked and also support your sponsors in the future. All the best.

Brian, 4/16/2010

Dear Alan, This is not a question just a sincere THANK YOU for having this site. I have been having issues with cloudy water in my mom's pool and thanks to your site I have found the solution. But I could not let it go at that with out letting you know how much I appreciate that you have this site.

Sabrina, PA, 8/5/2009

Hey Alan. Don't know you from Adam, but I stumbled into your web pages. I easily read up on trying to identify and find a solution to remove this horrible stain I nurtured this summer in my above ground 27 diameter footer with sand filter. Figured out pretty quick (thanks to your information) the neighbor's oak tree was sending tannin manufacturing substances (leaves are always quickly removed from my pool) over my way from about 25 yards. Believe me, you do not have to have leaves in your pool to get a tannin stain! My first year as a pool owner (came with house) & being a frugal kind of guy, my pH was kept at nominal, BUT I ran the chorine level in my pool a bit low. Less expensive summer chlorine cost, but, THIS WAS A MISTAKE! A big ugly, ever increasing stain began engulfing my pool liner at the bottom thru the summer? I was scrubbing my brains out trying to take out the beast but to no effect! I BECAME DESPERATE. After reading your question and answer section, I sprinkled about 5 lb. of shock on the surface of the water. A small amount made it to the bottom. I let it linger for an hour with the filter off. Then turned the filter back on and lightly (no sweat involved) brushed the chlorine away until fully dissolved. The next day WHAM, no more stain. My liner is awesome and all is beautiful again. I know, you know, its just simple chemistry :), but this was borderline MAGIC! Thanks so much for the good, solid, no-bull advise. Where do I send your six-pack of your choice? Kindest regards and Thanx again,
George, Jacksonville, NC, 12/1/2008

Alan, awesome website. I just bought the ColorQ Digital Water Analyzer and love it, as I'm colorblind. I've never tested Cyanuric Acid before, and with the ColorQ, I received a reading of "LOW" which means it is too low for the ColorQ to register it (and according to LaMotte, it is accurate +/- 10 when it is between 0-80). Here's my question: If my ColorQ says there is no Cyanuric Acid, and I have a hot-tub with a cover on all the time, do I care? Should I somehow get the Cyanuric Acid up? If so, how? Thank you for your awesome website! Regards.

Joseph F., 9/25/2012 ( Click here to go to Miscellaneous Spa Chemicals - to see the complete Q and A.)

Alan, Thank You for replying to my message. And I will share this information with my husband and use some of your advise, also check out the websites that you had listed in your reply. We have had this pool for 10 yrs and one would think we would have the maintenance of our pool down. This year it has been a big challenge for us. I will be sure to mention you and your e-address to those who have a pool. Again, you did give us some helpful hints and alternative avenues. Thanks again!

Kendra H., 6/12/2008

Thank you for your timely response! As I stated in my letter, I log in, writing on a specially ruled pad, each individual test I perform on my pool, so I can keep track of "trends" that I should be aware of. I have been using the ColorQ Water Analyzer since May which may I say is the BEST invention for pool owners since sliced bread! I LOVE IT! I have logged in 40 tests so far and have only used about 1/4 of each 30ml. reagent. So doing the math that adds up to at least 140-160 tests, as advertised. Also, I do not test for CH and CYA every time, as I don't feel it is necessary, so those reagents will last even longer. Thanks, again, Alan and to LaMotte for making such a fine instrument that makes my job a breeze!

David B., Tucson, AZ, 8/27/2007

I have had a pool for any years and was never confident about matching colors. either with the liquid testers or the test strips, as I have some color vision problems. When I saw the information on the ColorQ PRO 7 Water Tester, I hoped that it would be my answer. And it was! It is simple to use and I have complete confidence in my test results. Great product and well worth the modest price. Regards.

Henry l., 7/2/2007

Alan, don't you just love the internet? You have been just great for us. I never though my husband would work on the "honey do list" but this pool deal has been a real adventure. With you as the guide, it has worked. Many thanks.

Jane S., Houston, TX 5/21/2007

Thanks Alan. I've bookmarked your site. It's the only objective free in-depth site I've seen, related to so many pool topics. Thanks again.

Del C., 4/11/2007

I just had to let you know that we finally can see the bottom of our pool. Over a 7-10 day period (while I was on vacation and had the time) I put in a total of 24 gallons of liquid chlorine. Now I just need to vacuum a little debris and do whatever it take to keep the water clear. How much chlorine do you recommend putting in per week to keep the levels adequate! Any maintenance system you tell me about would be appreciated. We bought the pool used so never had "new owner instructions". As far as the zeolite sand replacement media, my husband and I discussed replacing the sand with it next year before we open the pool. Thanks again for your help. I will put positive feedback on your website if you can direct me where to go. I really want other people to know you're out there and I really would like to send you something to compensate for your time. Do you have an address where I can send you a check? Take care.

Sharon B., St. Charles, MO, 7/4/2009 (Click to go to Cloudy Pool Water - to see the complete Q and A.)

Yours was the first site I found in the search engine and what a great site it is. It helped me find an intermittent leak I have had. I had lost approximately 5 inches of water overnight, but only twice in 2 months. It appears that the multi valve would inexplicably stick without warning and dump water down the waste. Sincerely.

Les S., Sydney, Australia - 26/01/2006

I don't really have a question. I just wanted to write and let you know that you have the best website out there for information on pool and spas. You really know your stuff and make it easy to understand. I have written you on occasion with problems and you have responded very quickly and helped out tremendously with my problems. Your website is so informative. I had spent countless hours online trying to research my spa and pool water problems before I stumbled upon your website. I am so glad to have found your website and now go to no others. I have it bookmarked and every time I have a question, I go to it and it is normally answered somewhere within the site. If not I simply email you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Kathy S., 8/29/2005

I own a Fiberglass Pool that is manufactured here in Northern California. It is their own brand. The Contractor-Manufacturer could not help me. I've been trying for over a year to remove those stains. Even the Pool Supply Store sold me tons of products that never worked. Then I found you! Thank goodness! I have to say, you are so right on! You understand water chemistry and offer tips on how to resolve our problems. Regarding your website, it is so easy and educational. Last night I sat in front of the computer screen and I was able to read all the questions regarding Fiberglass Stains and etc. It was great! We don't have to go to the Pool Supply Store and get ripped off. So THANK YOU! Keep up the great work. Take care.

Linda C., California, 8/9/2005

OK, so I've been trying to get the stains caused by iron off my pool liner for two weeks now and have been told by every pool "professional" that I can't. I used the idea of ascorbic acid that I found on your website and you cannot believe how beautifully spectacular my pool looks right at this moment. It's a miracle. I am emailing every single person I know with a pool and telling them about you. You are a GENIUS! Thank you!

Susan C., 6/15/2005

Finally, the pool is clear of stain and the bottom is even visible! Much frustration, expense, and even thoughts of having to drain the thing and start over. But, with your knowledge and help I believe we about have the problem solved. I do thank you for your help and guidance!! You provide an excellent service for blokes like me who had some basic chemistry many years ago but did not recall enough to know what to do. I very much appreciate your help!

Mike S., 6/5/2005

Alan, once again many thanks for the great advice. You really are the global king of swimming pool technical advice.

Mark A., France, 5/31/2005

Alan, I just found your letter -- I'd saved it. Just thought I'd let you know, I just took a sample of the water to a pool store and bought what they recommended and did what they said! You were so kind to try and help me out! I just need a "pool man" to come every week. Actually, life with the salt chlorine generator is simple. I just know now that I still have to test my water. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

Colleen, 5/12/2009 (Click here to go to Pool Staining Problems - to see the complete Q and A.)

I just found your web site today, I have an above ground pool that has a little foaming and an oil slick (so I call it) I have read past concerns and I will try some of your recommendations. Thanks for all that you do.

Peter P., Sterling Heights, MI, 5/28/2005

Alan, excellent website! Learned more in a few minutes on your page than in several weeks of general web surfing.

Jim C., Canada, 4/28/2005

. . . I did read the letter regarding the purple pool walls at your site. My fact (use of the algaecide during the summer months reduced the staining significantly) didn't seem to be a significant fact in that letter. I await your analysis of my info and your suggestions. Many, many thanks. Is there anyway I can repay you for your assistance?

Judith M., 3/10/2005

You can repay me by telling your friends about the website.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 3/10/2005

Count on it!!! And many, many thanks. I'll let you know how the interventions go.

Judith M., 3/11/2005

Boy, Alan! Do we have a sparkling pool this morning! The pool guy just came by and couldn't believe the change either! Your help REALLY is appreciated, recommended your website to everyone I know has a pool. Thanks a million.

Marita S., Houston, TX, 2/17/2009 (Click here to go to "Pool Staining Problems" for the complete Q and A.)

Thank you very much! What a valuable help you have been, and what a great resource to the community at large. All the best.

Chris, 1/10/2005 (Click here to go to Spa Bromine Problems for the complete Q and A)

Greetings Just wanted to pass on the good experience I had with the site I had a problem with staining in my pool and thought part of the problem was corrosion of my heater. Anyway, to make a long story short, the site was VERY helpful in diagnosing my problem and providing very effective resolutions. I would recommend the site to any pool owner and suggest that your own website become a sponsor for them. Thanks.

Alan V., 10/22/2004

Editors note: the above e-mail letter was sent to the manufacturer, by the pool owner and copied to this website.

I have tested the two options that you have recommended and the one that works best is the Vitamin C. It works very smoothly, no damage to the finish and cleans almost completely the stains (a little shade remains but it's not noticeable). Now I suppose I would have to move to the acid for the other stains. Which one should I use (oxalic or ascorbic) and how do I apply it? Are they expensive? Would another option be to continue using the vitamin C? Once again your help is highly appreciated. Before I got your advice, I tested unsuccessfully a test kit for stains and a treatment product, which didn't work and eroded the finish. Have a great holiday season. Best regards.

Gustavo B., 12/21/2008 (Click here to go to "Pool Staining Problems" for the complete Q and A)

PS All my friends and my pool service guy already know about your site!

Thank you so much for the quick, insightful answers. To get myself out of the under-informed category, I will return to your site, whenever I need good info.

Gene G., Madison, AL, 7/7/2012 (Click here to go to "Mineral Sanitizers for Pools" for the complete Q and A)

Hi Alan. Just wanted to say, many, many thanks. The mega dose of chlorine worked. The eucalyptus tree stains are gone. Don't think it's ever looked any cleaner! Happy Christmas and a great New Year when it comes. Best regards.

Jan M. and a very thankful hubby, 12/13/2004, Spain

Thanks for all your suggestions! Love the web site and got it saved in favorites, for later use! Have a Happy New Year and happy soaking!

Lori, Canada, 12/28/2009 (Click here to go to Spa Bromine Problems for the complete Q and A)

Alan! I haven't responded to your e-mail in a while. But man! Thank you very much you have been very helpful! My pool system is working great. That D.E. is magical powder - hahaha. Thanks again! Best Regards.

Danny A., 9/26/2004

Alan, thank you so much. Your response is most helpful. Out of 4 separate resources that I contacted either by phone or email, your response is the only one I received. I will definitely pass along your web site to other pool owners in my area and local dealers, when I get their email address. Again, thank you so much for your help.

Ernie K., 6/30/2004

Love your website, it is so informative, and really do appreciate you getting back with me so quickly. Will tell all of our friends (who have pools, of course) about your site. Thanks again.

Lori P., 5/29/2004

Hi Alan. Thank you so much for the very prompt and reassuring reply. It is very much appreciated. I set aside time this weekend to spend more time reading your site. Like everyone else, I love it! I will tell everyone about your website. Thanks again!

Mike G., 5/28/2004

Not really a question, Alan. I just discovered your site. I am so grateful. I was left alone with a pool to take care of and I am without a clue. Your info has given me more than I have been able to get from the pool store on how to take care of the problems of my pool. I actually cried when I read your advice. Cried from relief of some of the stress of not knowing what to do. I can see I have a lot of work ahead of me but I can work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you for sharing.

Barbara B., 5/15/2004

Hi there Alan. First off, very informative site. I really wish I had found the site sooner in my endeavors, as it has become a real pool water problem-solver.  This email is going to be fairly long, mainly because I don't know what is important and what is not. There are several questions/problems that I am having that will be interspersed throughout this narrative email. I will summarize them at the end of the email. If there is any information missing let me know and I will provide it.

Chris, New Londonderry, NH, 5/16/2004 This is part of the longest letter ever received.  (Click here to go to "Pool Staining Problems" for the complete Q and A.)

I found your web site and was able to diagnose my problem. I once again have a clean looking pool thanks to your advice. Thanks!

Kitty J., 4/11/2004

Dear Alan, THANK YOU! My brother is still in Iraq and I was pulling my hair out. Believe me when I say you are a guardian angel.

Vickie, 9/15/2010 (Click here to go to "Pool Closing or Winterizing" for the complete Q and A.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I read and read and now its time to go to the pool. I will let you know how I made out.
Elena from Connecticut, 7/19/2003

Hi Alan. Just wanted to say Thank You, the underwater plastic parts in my pool are now sparkling white again. I had tried the metal treatment originally, but I guess the trick was to drop the pH and Chlorine first. Here's a quick recap: Brown stains on the stairs and underwater plastic parts showed up after putting on a heat siphon pump. First, if sock trick with pH reducer works, drop the pH below the level of the test kit, keep chlorine on the low side. I saw a noticeable difference within 24 hours. Then add a double dose of metal treatment. We were sparkling white within 6 hrs. Now, slowly bring the pH and chlorine back to correct levels. We hope to be swimming into October! Thanks again for the information, you have a great web site.

Dottie L., North Kingstown, RI, 9/9/2003

Thank you! I closed off the skimmers and was able to drain the rest of the water to 3-4 inches below the skimmers. We've had an awful experience with the building of our pool and I never seemed to be able to get my questions asked. I'm so glad I finally lucked upon your web site! Most of my questions have already been asked and answered on it! I've definitely put you in my Favorite Places! Have a great winter and I'm sure I'll be back in touch in the spring! Sincerely.

Lindi D., 10/19/2007 (Click here to go to "Pool Closing or Winterizing" for the complete Q and A.)

Thank you so much for your advice on treating mustard algae.  After many unsuccessful treatments recommended by our local pool professional, we found your website, followed your advice and are finally beginning to hold chlorine!  How nice to be able to go out and not dread opening up the pool!!  Thanks a million!

Lori, 7/9/2003

Without a doubt the very best site I have seen yet on pool stains.

Ray S., 6/19/2007 (Click here to go to "Pool Staining Problems" for the complete Q and A.)

Dear Alan, I just wanted to make a point of thanking you for your help with the pool! Your information worked great, the pool is blue again, and we're all swimming. Thanks Again.

The N. Family, 6/12/2010 (Click here to go to "Algae Control Products" for the complete Q and A.)
Wow! Great advice!  I can see the bottom of my pool for the first time in 2 weeks after just 16 hours of using the DE and Blue as you suggested.  I had to backwash about 3 times during that period because of all the green gunk that was being cleaned out of the pool.  Still a little cloudy, but I should have it licked today.  Thanks again, Alan.

John U., 5/15/2009 (Click here to go to "Pool Filter Problems" for the complete Q and A.)

I was doing a search for something on alkalinity and cyanuric acid and found a reference to it on your site. For me, the site is perfect. I like the language - easy to understand, and the style is casual. I also liked that you offer a contact email and responded. Thank you again. My pool is only a year old and I have at times been in a real "soup" of conflicting info from local pool people in attempting to learn the ropes. The company that installed the pool profoundly over dosed the pool with cyanuric acid at the start up which gave me all those wrong readings resulting in stained plaster, an acid wash, and a lot of upset when the pool was not even a year old. I found that no one really talked about the formula to address the alkalinity and cyanuric. Again, thank you very much. I sent your site to a neighbor who is getting a new pool in a few months. Sincerely.

T.C., Houston, TX, 4/7/2008 (Click here to go to Pool "Pool pH and Total Alkalinity" for the complete Q and A.)

Hi Alan, I was looking for treatment for green algae and did a Google search. We have a small garden pond that is topped up using bore water that is high in nutrients. We were looking for maybe a UV sanitizer/filter system, as we do not want to use scheme water to top up the pond. Here in Western Australia our water is scarce and we have to use it sensibly hence using bore water. The evaporation rate is very high so we need to top up each day during summer months. I found your site very informative and user friendly. I am glad that you have taken the trouble to put the site together. Regards.

Steve, Australia, 3/19/2003

Dear Alan, thanks for your speedy reply. By pure chance yesterday I was talking to a pool valet man who said he'd heard of a case years ago in South Africa where there was a problem with the pool ladder. I hadn't even considered our pool ladder! It is stainless steel with white plastic-like rungs. I very quickly used myself as a guinea pig and rubbed my skin against the rungs of the ladder and sure enough I got the rash! Our pool builder said he thought the rungs of the ladder were fibreglass rather than plastic. It also make sense that as the children stand on the ladder, the skin on their legs possibly touch the rungs of the ladder. Our next step is to contact the manufacturer of the ladder and confirm what the material is, get the water tested for that material, replace the rungs and get an expensive, but hopefully happy ending. I came across your website by looking up "Pool Problems" under Google and couldn't believe there was someone independent I could discuss this with. We live in Auckland, New Zealand and the swimming pool industry is a small market dominated by monopolies with not much choice for help, independent advise and alternative products. So I thank you again. All the best.

Carolyn M., Auckland, New Zealand, 3/13/2005 (Click here to go to "Pool Rashes and Irritations" for the complete Q and A.)

Thank you very much. Your response and your website have been very helpful.

Malinda H., Pennsylvania, 12/29/2006 (Click here to go "Vinyl Pool Liner Problems" for the complete Q and A.)

I recently bought my first pool. It's 2400 gals and mostly for my 7 year old daughter and her neighborhood friends. I have learned everything I need to know from your site and can't thank you enough! I don't even have a question after reading through your answers to others. I feel as though I've gotten a solid education in pool maintenance in one day, as well as an excellent problem-solver and reference for answers to those unexpected situations. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your work. You are doing a great service to others!

Heather M., Barrington, NH, 6/1/2003

Feedback From Pool and Spa Professionals

Hi Alan. Just a note to say hi. Still using your program from the early 70's, built originally for the Univac dial in computer system. No other water program ever worked as good. You were definitely ahead of your time. All the best. 

Jack Shay. Budget pools Peabody, MA, 8/14/2013

Editors Note:  When we unveiled Computerized Water Analysis to the industry, at the 1974 Trade Show, it was a major hit.  An industry first!!!  We had Jack's sister operating it within minutes.  I personally set up their store and they became one of our very best dealer customers and remained so, until well after we sold our company (Hydrology Laboratories, Inc), almost 20 years later.

Alan, good Afternoon!! My name in Jillian and I am the manager at Flamingo Pool Supply, located in Frederick, Maryland. A customer found our store because you had mentioned to him to find a LaMotte testing center. I wanted to send you an email and say thank you for the business! Also, I wanted to know what kind of things you do so that I can return the favor, if at all possible. At Flamingo Pool Supply, we offer free water testing, service, and retail. If there is anything we can do to help with answers or business - please let me know! Thanks again.

Jillian, Frederick, MD, 7/28/2011

My name is Ray and I am the senior service tech with a busy pool shop and service company on an island off Queensland Australia. I have visited your site often for clues, answers and advice on some problems that have been very successful. I was just looking up a stain problem on a customers pool and found a possible cure for the exact problem and just thought I would take a minute to drop you a email to say that your website is excellent. I have worked as pool manager on a popular island resort for 6 years with 3 main pools of total cap of 675,000 litres plus 3 years in domestic pool service company. I have no specific question to ask you, but I could ask you thousands, if I thought about it. Just like to say thanks for your advice. Regards.

Ray, Queensland, Australia, 11/17/2010

Alan, Thank You for such a quick response! I will be trying your suggestions and have no doubt they will be helpful. Your website has been a blessing to the aquatics industry. Thanks.

Chris O., Aquatics Manager, Parks and Recreation Department, 5/3/2009

I am interested in purchasing a Tracer pocket tester. You have the TDS, Salt, and Temperature Tester. Do you have the pH, Salt, TDS Tester manufacturer code 1766? If so what is the cost? I am not a pool professional, but am a field engineer for the water and wastewater municipal industry. You have a great place for pool info and test equipment. I searched forever to find a web shop to buy the type of products I wanted and then found your site. Thanks.

Troy, 4/26/2005 (Click here to go to the "Pool and Spa Test Equipment Store")

Thanks very much, Alan. Working in the profession myself, I can say I both appreciate and respect your knowledge. Good to hear your advice and pool maintenance tips. Best regards.

Kent K., 6/27/2006 (Click here to go to "Pool pH and Total Alkalinity" for the complete Q and A.)

Hello Alan! I just returned from the National Spa and Pool Trade Show in Atlantic City, where I had a nice conversation with Richard LaMotte. We were talking about getting calls from consumers and he recommended that I check out your website. I work for a Pennsylvania distributor and answer a bunch of dealer and consumer questions about water chemistry. Had a store for years so I am comfortable giving out advice! I will definitely use your website again!! I browsed through it today and you are my hero! Your answers are clear and concise and make sense to a pool professional, as well as a consumer. Thank you. 
N.M., Pennsylvania, 1/31/2004

Alan. Your site has provided quite a comfort zone for us since we can now refer customers who have unique pool or spa problems to a reliable source of information. In addition we have mentioned your site to many dealers who sometimes have customers question their recommended courses of action. When their client goes to your site, and sees the same information from a third party source, they drop their gloves and go back to the store and admit they need to heed the advice originally given. Consumers faced with expensive solutions are quick to look for other opinions; your site makes this possible in the privacy of their home saving them time and money. Im sure the consumers who find your site will bookmark it and refer back to it over and over. Best wishes.

Richard LaMotte, 4/15/2005
V.P. of Sales & Marketing
LaMotte Company

Hi Alan, Although most of your feedback letters are about pools and spas, I want to take the time to write to you about the increased traffic we have received to our websites through yours.  You provide an outstanding service, anyone who does business with you, can surely tell you so. I wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors.

Fernando C., 3/31/2005
Web Developer
New Business Development

Hi Alan, Thanks for all the great leads. You are showing up as one of our main website forwarders which we appreciate greatly. Thanks again for your referrals.

Lynn N., 4/2/2007
King Technology, Inc.

Alan, thanks for your support of our product, although I know some is influenced by our sponsorship. I didn't see the initial investment, but am fully aware of it now. You have been very flexible with information that I've passed on and I appreciate the cooperation.  Sincerely.

Sean A., 3/14/2005

I've seen a few emails popping in for what surely will be a busy weekend for you. I just wanted to say thanks for allowing us to be part of your site and for all the hard work you do year around. You are providing a very valuable service and helping people never goes out of style-so keep up the good work.  Sincerely.

Richard LaMotte, 5/22/2009
V.P. Sales
LaMotte Company . . . the helpful resource for the pool and spa professional.

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