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How to use some of the less common spa, swim spa and hot tub chemicals? As the spa and hot tub industry has matured, specialty chemical products have evolved. There are specific products - for specific problems!!! Various products make maintenance easier or more effective and choosing the right product for the task can help assure a better prospect of success, as well as saving time and money. If problems arise, refer to the Spa Problems Page, as a source of problem-solving information, broken down into various categories.  Scroll down the page and click on the linked keywords, catch phrases or images, in the archived answers below, to access additional information, on that topic or product.

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Enzyme Spa Sanitizer?

Alan, I was wondering if you could share some info on a spa sanitizer, that is an enzyme powered sanitizer. It sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch with this product? Thanks.

Don S., 10/16/2017

Enzymes are not sanitizers. All sanitizers must have an EPA registration number. Look for it.  This pro
duct might help reduce chlSmarterSpa complete unitorine requirements, but it is neither a sanitizer or oxidizer. I like to be able to measure a sanitizer level. Free chlorine is the active sanitizing form of chlorine and the recommended level is 1-3 PPM. Very much higher levels can be irritating. As a backup to chlorine and to allow good results, while maintain a lower chlorine level, you might consider adding an EPA registered spa sanitizer and disinfectant and will help you maintain a suitable free chlorine level and maintain proper sanitation. A salt chlorine generator can do that, while avoiding many of the issues, associated with traditional chlorine products.  To further improve the water quality, an Ozone Generator will make a big improvement and reduce chemical usage. It will provide oxidation and reduce chlorine usage, even more.  I hope that this information will prove helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster 10/17/2017

Cyanuric Acid In A Spa?

Alan, awesome website. I just bought the ColorQ Digital Water Analyzer and love it, as I'm colorblind. I've never tested Cyanuric Acid before, and with the ColorQ, I received a reading of "LOW" which means it is too low for the ColorQ to register it (and according to LaMotte, it is accurate +/- 10 when it is between 0-80). Here's my question: If my ColorQ says there is no Cyanuric Acid, and I have a hot-tub with a cover on all the time, do I care? Should I somehow get the Cyanuric Acid up? If so, how? Thank you for your awesome website! Regards.

Joseph F., 9/25/2018

Glad to hear the you are happy with the ColorQ Digital Water Analyzer. You do not need to have any cyanuric acid present. A
zero reading is expected, in a freshly filled spa or one that has not been using dichlor. If you are using bromine, none is being contributed by the chemicals and none is required. I hope that this has resolved the matter. Enjoy the hot water experience and thank you for the purchase of the ColorQ.
Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 9/25/2018

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Enzymes In A Spa?

Can enzyme products be used to help deal with oily accumulations around the water line? Thanks.

C. M., Naples, FL, 12/19/2010

The removal of oily residues is one of the main uses of Enzyme products. Enzymes help to digest or decompose these organic deposits and help to prevent them from forming "soaps." The formation of these "soaps" will add to the foam problem. Regular additions are a good maintenance practice. Enjoy the spa.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 12/19/2010

Spa Water Clarifiers?

My spa water gets cloudy on occasion. It doesn't seem to be the water chemistry or the bromine level, as all tests seem to be within balance. Is this a filtering problem? Thank you for allowing the questions to be asked.

Joshua, Hicksville, NY, 2/27/2013

Nano-Stick Clarifiers, forall types of pools and spas.
It certainly could be a filter problem, but it is difficult to say for sure. It could be bather waste products, debris and
byproducts. Adding an enzyme treatment can help decompose the waste products and help improve the water clarity. The regular, periodic addition of a spa formula clarifier can help improve the filter efficiency and help eliminate the spa water clarity problem. Even better would be a Nano-Stick Spa Clarifier. This 10-inch stick is hung in the water and it uses a new 21st Century technology to clarify water. It can last up to six months, while not contributing any chemicals, but helping to eliminate fine debris and improve clarify.  I hope that the information helps to clear things up.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 2/27/2013

Protecting The Spa Cover?

Is there any sort of chemical that is used to help protect the Spa Thermal Cover.  Just wondering?Nano-Spray uses new technology to help preserve spa covers.

Sharon F., West Creek, NJ 9/12/2011

If not there should be.  The Nano-Spray is a spa cover protectant, that helps preserve the cover and reduce mold problems and can last as long as 12 weeks.  It uses some new technology called Nano-Titanium.  The same technology is used in the Nano-Stick Clarifier.  I have been selling it for a few years and there have been no complaints.  Enjoy the hot water experience.

Sincerely.  Alan Schuster, 9/13/2011 

Benefits Of Enzyme Use?

My local spa dealer has been touting the benefits of using enzymes in spas. Exactly, what do they do? It is worth doing?

Leon H. Spartenburg, SC, 3/21/2012

Enzymes can do many beneficial things for your spa. Enzymes can help digest or biodegrade oily residues, bather wastes, cosmetic residues and organic byproducts. In turn, this can improve the appearance of the waterline area and the water clarity. And there
MegaChlor salt chlorine generator for spas, swim spas and pools up to 10,000 gallons.'s more. The oily residues can harbor bacteria and impede sanitation, cause an increase in foaming and require more frequent water replacement. Enzymes can help remove organic deposits from the filter cartridge and lead to better filter efficiency. If fact, the more the spa is actually used, the more likely it is that an enzyme will be of significant benefit. Enzymes work very well in spas and hot tubs because the warm water helps to speed up the degradation process. The end products of the process are harmless inerts and there are no residues to buildup. Yes, it is worth using! However, if it is being touted as a spa sanitizer, that is another matter.  Sanitizers must be registered, with the EPA, and enzymes are not registered.  While it can help improve spa water quality, sanitizing should be left to products such as salt chlorine generators, chlorine and bromine.  I hope that I have been helpful. Enjoy the spa experience.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 3/21/2012

Waxing A Spa?

Can I use auto wax on my spa?

Nameless, 2/23/2011

I have no idea what is in an auto wax and, whether or not, it is suitable for use on a spa. I suggest that you use a product especially formulated for use in a spa. Check with the spa manufacturer, as to care recommendations. Good luck.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 2/23/2011

Spa Fragrances?

I see products that are used to add a fragrance to the spa. Are they safe? Can I use cosmetic bath products? Thank you.

Joanne F., Arlington, VA, 4/9/2007

The spa fragrance items that are specifically formulated for use in the spa environment are safe to use. These products are not similar, in terms of their ingredients, to bath products. Spa water is not changed after each use. Bath water is. Do not use any cosmetic bath products in your spa. To do so might result in cloudy water, loss of sanitizer and oily residues. I hope that I have been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 4/9/2007

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