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Fix A Leak Feedback

Some letters received from satisfied Fix A Leak users.

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Read some feedback from actual product users.


Scroll down to browse through some feedback letters, about Fix A Leak.  Not everyone takes the time to write and not all are added to the page.  More information about some new and unique products, for pools and spas, can be found by visiting The Website Store. You'll never know what you'll find and that's always fun. Be better prepared and avoid costly problems!

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Website feedback

Fix A Leak Feedback Letters

I bought your product, but I had no hope it would work. Last year all of a sudden my hot tub started leaking the whole thing leaked almost empty in 24 hours. Yesterday I filled the tub and used Fix A Leak and VIOLA.... 24 hours later and the water level never even dropped.  I am so impressed.  Thank You.

Stacey S. 4/20/2019

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Since I suspected the leak to be around the frame of the skimmer, I turned off the skimmer circulation, blocked the pool side of the skimmer, poured a little of the Fix a Leak into the skimmer and stirred it up periodically, during the day, for the last week. It worked perfectly.

Walt B., 9/15/2018

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We were finally able to take the time to use the fix a leak product for our small exercise pool and subsequently for our indoor garden pool, stream and water fall..  After 48 hours of circulation the pool is perfect. Rather than waste the water, we pumped it into the other pond and have sealed it as well (still have 1/3 bottle left for another project).  Great stuff.  Thank you.

Richard E., Hotel N. S., 1/4/2017

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Alan, Thanks!!!  I had a pretty good leak and Fix A Leak has stopped it. I will now wait 72 hours so it can cure. Thanks for your help on this!!!

Glenn, 10/18/2017

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Hello Alan,  I just want to tell you how well FIX A LEAK has worked in our old cedar tub.  It is nothing short of remarkable!  We had been concerned we would need to abandon this tub, as it has been leaking large amounts of water for the past 2 years.  But applying Fix-A-Leak has stopped it and we can now enjoy it when we wish.  Thank you!!
Richard B., Longmeadow, MA. 6/18/2016

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We had to make an emergency closing of our spa two winters ago when it was 30 below zero. As a result. the spa sprung a leak in the system. Last year I couldn't find the darn leak that was causing my pumps to pulsate rather than run freely and the spa was losing water. I ordered a bottle of FIX A LEAK and followed the instructions. The following morning my pumps stopped pulsating and no more water loss.  FIX A LEAK REALLY WORKS! Thank you for a great product that saved us from a lot of costly repairs.

Andy B., Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada, 4/20/2016

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Hi, about 18 months ago I bought a bottle of Fix a Leak to see if it would solve a leak problem in a concrete radiant floor with copper lines. I have a ranch house built in 1952 that is hot water boiler heated by copper lines in concrete. When a hole develops in one of the lines it can be a radiant floor killer. If a company is willing to try and fix a radiant floor leak, the demolition of finished floors and concrete and the cost is incredible, and the fix may not work. The manifold is made up of six copper lines, each about 200 feet long in concrete. So I isolated the copper line with the leak. Using an external sump pump and a 5 gallon tub I pumped Fix A Leak though the line for 10 hours. I then cleared the line with air and let it set for 48 hours. I pressured tested the line and it held. It has been back in service under pressure for 18 months with no pressure loss. The floor is heated with 160 degrees water at 15 to 20 psi. Fix a Leak saved my radiant floor. Many radiant heated floor systems have been shut down because of small line leaks that can't be found or fixed. Home owners are then faced with the cost and installation of a whole new HVAC system. Please feel free to use my experience to inform your customers who may have radiant floor systems.

Mike, 1/26/2015

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Dear Alan,  First I want to say what an excellent and very complete site. You sell products, but what you give away is much more valuable, Free Advise on Pools and Spas. Impressive.  So lets get to the rat killing.  I have a Hot Tub, have replaced some pluming parts, but can't get rid of the slow leak.  My Tub manufacturer says not to run the tub without a filter in it,  Yet you say to circulate the water. I plan to take out filter, then add Fix A Leak and program it to filter each and every other hour for 1 to 2 days, if needed.  I will decide how many days to run the filter less system by how the leak responds to your great product.  I had used it before on different Hot Tub and it worked.  So for last 15 yrs, I have watched evening news in my hot tub,  But, now that its enclosed on my back patio, the leaks have to stop. I'm letting it heat back up to 92 degrees and am about to put in Fix a Leak.  I'm sure it will cure my problem.  I wanted to say that I was at my wits end with the leak problem and then I remembered your product.  It has given me hope of remedying the leak, and getting back to my normal daily routine, which will go on indefinitely. Thanks again for a great informative website and a great product. Lifelong customer and admirer 

Dave H. Ohio , 10/21/2014

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I just had to get back with you and let you know that my spa has not lost even a quarter inch of water in the past 4 days, since I treated it with the fix a leak on Monday evening. WOO HOO! Remember, I was having to top off about three inches of water in the tub every other day!

I pulled out as much insulation as I could, and used the shop vac to remove as much standing water as I could in the bottom of the spa shell. When I was ready to add the fix a leak, I wanted to make sure it got straight into the jet lines, so I ran the pump with the jets on. Then I took an aluminum pie plate and held it around the skimmer area. I figured that using the pie plate to section off the water in front of the skimmer, the product would go straight into the system and hit the jet lines when I added it, and not be pulled out into the seating area as it was added due to the jets pushing the water all around the tub.

It worked! NO water loss in the last four days!!! Since some of the insulation is still under the tub, in those back corners I couldn't reach, I'm going to give it several more days to finish curing. I think whatever insulation was still in there and water logged has drained out some, as the bottom of the spa shell pan is pretty much dry now. I still want to get out more of the old insulation, and then replace it for winter, and can do that in a few weeks (I smashed my finger in the car door, so I'm a little handicapped right now and don't feel up to taking apart the side of the cabinet to get to one of the back corners of the spa.
Anyway, I am THRILLED with the results at this point! Thank you again for your supplemental directions on how to fix spa leaks. No water loss at all since I used the product. This is absolutely amazing to me!  Thanks again.

Chris, 8/16/2014

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Just wanted you to know that we ordered your Fix A Leak product and received it the other day.  We removed the filter and poured in the product on Saturday morning.  It is so hot, the water around the tub started drying up within hours (the tub sits on a concrete deck).  This morning (Sunday) all but the water immediately underneath the tub is gone!  We are so pleased as we were afraid we would have to either spend hundreds of dollars (which we don't have) to get this resolved or get rid of the tub (which we dearly enjoy).  We are both retired and don't have a lot of extra money  these days, and although we know that we will eventually have to replace the tub, it won't have to be this year.  We did read that the application may need to be applied every year or two.  We can handle spending 12.95 plus shipping, but not $5,000!  Thanks again, for publishing the testimonials and also the directions on how to best use the product.

The Richardsons, 1/28/2014

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I have used your Fix A Leak product in my spa recently to seal a leak. I pulled the filter cartridge, added a 8 oz bottle and after a week the problem seemed to have gone away. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.

Kevin W., 7/7/2013

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Alan, I used about 16-ounces of Fix-A-Leak, to seal my spa leak. A satisfied Fix-A-Leak user. Thanks.

Jim P., 2/4/2013

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Just wanted to let you folks know, I LOVE YOU. I had drained my Hot Springs Spa surrendering to that fact that it was going to be empty this winter because of a dang leak. Checked on-line and found your product. Ordered, got it fast, put it in, no leaks, praise the Lord.  One question, do I have to clean the filters and how soon after reinstalling them?  I also signed on your E-Letter mailing list.  Thanks for a great product, hope it lasts a long time.
John M., Indiana, 12/26/2012

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ALAN:  October 2012, placed First Order for Fix-A-Leak and shortly after it arrived, pulled all 3 spa filters, to run it.  As your web-site results mentioned, it does work. It did stop the leak.  Wish everyone luck.

Jim W., Tampa-Bay, FL, 11/18/2012

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Dear Alan. Just a note to thank you for your quick service and excellent product. It stopped the leak in a day last week.  Best regards, and thank you so very much,

Hank Steiner, 7/24/2012

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Thank you very much for your advice. The Fix A Leak product worked as advertised and did fix the leak. I would not hesitate to recommend the product to anyone with a pool.

Dick F., 7/5/2012

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I followed one of your suggestions on fixing a main drain leak. The drain line itself had been pressure tested and showed no leak. I poured a pint of Fix-a-Leak down a long PVC pipe to the top of the drain cover, as the leak was determined to be in the round 'pot' below the cover. The leak stopped within one day and has not leaked since for four days. Many thanks for your help.

Joseph L., 7/1/2011

wave border

It was leaking a lot when the pump was running. We bought 2 bottles of the stuff and we are amazed, the pool is holding water!  We put the stuff in the pool Monday evening and the grandchildren were swimming on Thursday. THANKS!

C.C, 6/18/2011

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After following the instructions on the bottle, the leak in my vinyl liner in-ground pool has stopped. At night I kept the product circulating by using the pool vacuum cleaner with the drain valve slightly open. When I noticed that the leak was slowing, I added another bottle of product. I was losing up to an inch of water a day. My pool service told me the skimmer line, loveseat return and drain were leaking. They gave me no guarantee that they could fix the leaks by digging, which would have cost at least $1000. I gave them all the information on your product Fix a Leak, but they are skeptical. You may place this on your website. Thank You and Regards.

Gerard M., 6/12/2011

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This is not a question but a Thank you. The product Fix a Leak saved me over a $1000 in repair bills. My hot tub had a huge leak and after 3 days of running the tub with your product it stopped. I'm ordering more (just in case) for the future. A great product. No wonder the stores around her don't supply it. It would put their repair men out of business. Thanks again.

Chad B., 7/10/2010

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I have recently purchased from you two bottles of Fix a Leak, and used one to repair a Pool leak which was not located at all. Even, if I had a serious doubt prior to use it, by now I do confirm that I am amazed by this product and diagnosed that after 2 days, the leak is now completely stopped, when for the same period of time ( 2 days ) I was loosing about 1.6" ( 40 millimeters or 1400 liters ) a day.

Pat V., France, 8/16/2009

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I have a 10,000 in ground pool that is 15 years old. Over the past several months I noticed the water level dropping. After adding water it would lose 1-2" of water overnight. I was given an estimate of several hundred dollars just to diagnose the problem. I was skeptical but bought a quart of Fix A Leak, from your website. I followed the directions and after a week the water level has not gone down. Pool leak problem solved!

Bill C., Wellington, FL. 12/9/2008

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Hi Alan. I just wanted to tell you of the success I had with the Fix a Leak product. I have a six year old spa that was a father/sons in-ground project with a surrounding deck. Well, after a long period of denial when the level of the water dropped about 1 then 2 then 6 inches over night, I bought a bottle of some other leak sealer from the dealer. It initially worked, but then the leak returned. I put in another quart and then another and then gave up and started living with a $6000.00 plastic hole in the back yard. A month or so ago I found the Fix A Leak product and read through the pleased customer reviews. I bought a quart and put in half, run all the pumps for most of a day. After that I let it just sit and noticed that the leak seemed 90% less. I drained the spa, waited 4 days then refilled and put the rest of the bottle in and repeated the process. Looked at it the next day and was I happy! The water level held. I drained the spa for a second time and let it dry for a week. After wiping down the shell, filling and heating to 100 degrees, I'm still happy. I bought another quart just to have on hand. Keep this a secret, but you should charge twice as much for such a great product. I hope you'll put my email as a testimonial on your web site. Thanks again

Bob C., Thousand Oaks, CA, 10/26/2008

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Alan, I received the FIX a LEAK and it worked!!! Thanks very much for your help.

Neil D, United Kingdom, 8/19/2008

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I couldn't find were to leave feedback so I am sending you this. I had a problem finding my leak in my inground vinyl lined pool. I was losing about a 1/2" of water a day. I tried the bucket test. I tried using dye to see if I could find the leak around my fixtures with no luck. I ordered Fix A Leak from you and just followed the instructions and now no leak. This product worked great. I would tell anyone that has a possible pool leak to use this product. Thanks again. 
Donald G., Clinton, TN, 6/16/2007

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Just would like you to know I had a leak in my spa's filter system, the repair was going to be $600.00 to fix. I used FIX A LEAK, I followed the directions and in just 24 hrs, the LEAK WAS GONE! Unreal, and it's been a while now and no pool leak, and the filter system works fine. Just a great product, so for around $13.00 I saved $600.00. Thank you for FIX A LEAK.
Mike F., New York, 6/25/2006

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Thank you for your prompt response. This product is unbelievable. The 10oz has sealed the leak/s. I was quoted $450.00 to repair the leak. This cost me $29 and change. Incredible! Now I know why my local pool/spa retailer recommended not to use the product, because it works! You will be glad to know that he now stocks the product. Thanks again. Kind Regards.
Darcy B, 6/30/2005

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. . . I have checked the level of the water for 5 days also in the pool and in the skimmers and it wasn't leaking either. I want to sent you many thanks and congratulate for your Fix A Leak product. Best regards.

George P., Greece, 7/1/2005

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Where can I sign to make a commercial for Fix A Leak and your web site? I was skeptical when that small bottle arrived in the mail (very promptly I might add). How in the world would it find a leak I couldn't see? But within 1 day and just several times of stirring it up, I'm fixed. No leaking!!! It's a miracle. Before I found your site, I was ready to order and install a completely new liner. Thank you!!! Love and light.

Wendy M., Albany, KY, 7/7/2005

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. . . This stuff is a great alternative to digging through the insulation to find spa leaks.  Sincerely.

Candice P., 10/11/2005

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I got the Fix A Leak. Really fast shipping. Thank you. I have a small hot tub that sits on out indoor patio so I couldn't get the package open fast enough. I put about 2 oz. in and pulled the towel up that was soaking up the water from the leak. I put a dry towel down and waited about an hour and went to check on the towel. Well it was hardly wet. Boy that stuff works fast. Thank you.

Linda Bell, 5/18/2006

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I had a good size leak in the spa (build-in system in concrete+ tile  within pool room) and lost about 3 gal/day in the suction pipe of the circulation jets.  It appears that your “stuff” stopped the leak. Thanks for answering all of my questions.

G. S., Longmeadow, MA, 9/1/2006

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Hey Alan, Just wanted to drop you a line. I used the Fix A Leak product about a month ago. Well to my surprise a couple of days after I had emailed you with some questions it stopped leaking. That is an amazing product. No more pool leak. Than you.

Greg I, 10/4/2006

wave border

Hi, I just used FIX A LEAK in my hot tub. Amazing! The dripping is gone, thank you. Now do I need to drain my tub?

Drake N., Quesnel, BC, Canada, 10/24/2006

wave border

Alan: The product worked Great. Saved me a ton of money! I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks.
Gwyn H., NC, 4/25/2007

wave border

Dear Alan, you were so nice to answer twice that I thought I would give you feed-back that may be of use to you as you advise others. The Fix-A-Leak proved totally successful. Within an hour the water loss had ceased.

Steve W, The Florida Keys, 4/26/2007

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Alan – I recently purchased two bottle of Fix-A-Leak from your website.  I just wanted to let you know that my pool is no longer leaking at all.  Fix-A-Leak is a WONDER PRODUCT! My purchase of $60 saved me thousands of dollars in repairs.  My pool leak was in my return line and it is now completely sealed!  Hooray for Fix-A-Leak!

Chris A., Danbury, CT, 9/5/2007

wave border

Hi Alan. The pool leak is fixed. I followed the directions and after the first 4 hours, the leak had stopped. I have checked it regularly since – and nothing. I would like to thank you for your correspondence and very prompt delivery of this product. It arrived exactly as you said it would. Thank you.

Amy H., Hamilton, MT, 11/19/2007

wave border

Hello Alan. My above ground pool must of had a leak, somewhere on the bottom of the pool. I didn't see any signs of water accumulating, so that seemed the logical place. The loss about 3/4" per day, which I thought was too much for just evaporation. I added a quart of Fix A Leak two days ago and the daily loss is down to less than 1/4", which seems more like evaporation. I'm glad I gave the product a try and thought that I would share the good news. Your website has been helpful, on other occasions, as well Thanks.

Mike J,, Babylon, NY, 7/1/2008

wave border

I was losing about an inch of water daily, with no idea where the pool leak was. I had my doubts that anything this simple could work. But, it did! Thank you! Thank you!

Debbie, Springfield, VA, 7/29/2008

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