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Leaking Pool Problems

Pool leaks can happen, in spite of proper maintenance.
The Pool and Spa Informational Website

Considerations and Solutions in repairing a pool leak.


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Pool Art Graphic Mosaic Mats, for all types of pools. Locating a pool or spa leak is not always simple.  Dripping dye, into still water, can occasionally lead to the problem. Often it requires a professional, using detection gear, to pinpoint the location.  Sometimes, all you need is some Fix A Leak. It has been sealing leaks, for over 35 years. Solar-Breexe Robotic, Solar-Powered Pool Skimmer-cleaner.

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How to treat and repair pool leaks? Swimming pools can develop leaks as the result of routine wear and tear, carelessness, accidents or the effects of wintertime conditions. Not all loss of water can be attributed to a pool leak. Losses, due to evaporation, splash out or backwashing, are normal and are expected. Excessive water loss, more than 1/4"-1/2" daily, should definitely be investigated. Products are available to help determine if there is a pool leak, where the leak is located and to help seal the leak. There are companies that specialize in pool leak detection and repair.  If problems arise, refer to the Pool Problems Page, as a source of problem-solving information, broken down into various categories.  Scroll down the page and click on the linked keywords, catch phrases or images, in the archived answers below, to access additional information, on that topic or product.

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Website feedback Some Fix A Leak users have sent us some comments.  We would love to add some more, so feel free to send them in.
Fix A Leak - Feedback

▼     Helpful, Problem-Solving Information, in a question and answer format.     ▼


Probable Main Drain Leak?

Hi Alan.  Through the normal elimination methods we have decided that the drain tubing is leaking. Not wanting to dig up half the garden & a load of concrete paving I was looking at other solutions.  I could cap the drain as I use an automatic pool cleaner & the drain valve is always closed. The only issue here is removing it should we wish to drain the pool at a later date.  I saw Fix-a-Leak & thought maybe this would work. At the moment my pool is almost empty (ready for repainting) so would not be able to run it with the pump without filling the pool up. Could I run it into the drain directly without the pump, would this work?  My pool is concrete, inground, 15 years old with a Jacuzzi laser sand filter.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Regards,

Wendy, 4/22/2017

I would not choose to start digging. Even then, I would call in leak detection expert or invest in leak detection technology and see w
here the problemFix A Leak is available in pool and spa sizes. is. It might not be in the worse of all possible areas.  Pouring Fix A Leak, into the drain might or might not work. There's no assure that it will get carried to the right spot, but it might be worth a try.  I would choose close off the main drain, at both ends. To make up for the loss of circulation, I would do two things.  Adding a robotic pool cleaner, which will act as a moving main drain.  This is for the long term, so I would choose a quality product.  Not having a main drain will diminish circulation, chemical and heat distribution. Replacing existing return jet fitting, with The Pool Circulator, will improve all three, by creating a spiraling return flow, that will reach throughout the pool.  I hope that the information provided was helpful.

Sincerely.  Alan Schuster, 4/22/2017


Measuring The Pool Leak?

I have a 30,000 gal inground pool. I just got a new liner a filter and pump installed last week. I had got pressure testing done on my 1 return and 2 sections lines before this job as the pool is old that was normal. Now I am losing about 1/2 an inch of water every day. I also see a air bubble out of the return every 15 seconds or so when the filter is off. Could you please guide me in the correct direction as to what needs to be done? Is it certain that I have a pool leak? Thanks.

Gary, 7/15/2018

A 1/2" a day is about what you would expect to lose, if the pool was in hot, direct Sun and in a breezy, dry area. I suspect
Fix A Leal Seals pool and spa leaks that you do have a leak, but the loss, is partially due to evaporation. If you would like to confirm the extent of the leak do this: place a plastic bucket with water on the top step of the pool, adjust the water level to that of the pool and mark the height of the water level, both in the bucket and in the pool. The next day determine the water loss in the pool and in the bucket. The loss in the bucket is due to evaporation. If the pool lost more, that portion is due to a pool leak. Usually, leaks in the suction lines show up as air leaks (aerated return flow), when the pump is running. If pool water is leaking out, air should not be bubbling in. This would also apply to the main drain line.  I would check all of the seals, gaskets, o-rings and connections. There are dye solutions that can help you locate a pool leak. There are companies that specialize in pool leak detection. And there is Fix A Leak: a product that make a long-lasting seal, with small pool leaks. I hope that this information proves helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 7/16/2018

Leak In Radiant Floor Heating System?

Hi, about 18 months ago I bought a bottle of Fix a Leak to see if it would solve a leak problem in a concrete radiant floor with copper lines. I have a ranch house built in 1952 that is hot water boiler heated by copper lines in concrete. When a hole develops in one of the lines it can be a radiant floor killer. If a company is willing to try and fix a radiant floor leak, the demolition of finished floors and concrete and the cost is incredible, and the fix may not work. The manifold is made up of six copper lines, each about 200 feet long in concrete. So I isolated the copper line with the leak. Using an external sump pump and a 5 gallon tub I pumped Fix a Leak though the line for 10 hours. I then cleared the line with air and let it set for 48 hours. I pressured tested the line and it held. It has been back in service under pressure for 18 months with no pressure loss. The floor is heated with 160 degrees water at 15 to 20 psi. Fix a Leak saved my radiant floor. Many radiant heated floor systems have been shut down because of small line leaks that can't be found or fixed. Home owners are then faced with the cost and installation of a whole new HVAC system. Please feel free to use my experience to inform your customers who may have radiant floor systems.

Mike, 1/26/2017Fix A Leak for pools and spas.

Thank you for sharing your experience, with Fix A Leak.  It does work!!!  It has been used, for a variety of other uses:  geothermal leaks, stone roof leaks and even leaks in pipes aboard a nuclear powered submarine.  I will certainly add this letter to the Q and A, on the website.  Glad to heat that you're keeping warm and taking the time to write.

Sincerely.  Alan Schuster, 1/27/2017


Made The New York Times?

I have a sinking feeling that my inground pool has been losing water and mentioned it to a pool-owning-friend. He mentioned that there was an article about repairing a pool leak, in the real estate section of the New York Times, around the end of July. Unfortunately, he did not keep the article and that weeks Times is off to the recycling plant. If possible, could you shed some light on what it said?

George N., Roslyn, NY 8/11/2010

Basically, it went through some of the options. First make sure you have a leak and that the loss is not simply evaporation. This can be done with the bucket test. Place a 5-gallon plastic pail, on the first or second step, so that it is just a few inches above the water level, aft
er being filled. Adjust the height, inside the bucket, to that of the pool and mark the level, both inside and outside. AFix A Leak is available in pool and spa sizes.fter 24 hours check. If the pool level is lower than the bucket level, you have a leak, that amounts to this difference. This technique cancels out the effect of evaporation. Where is the pool leak? If the return flow is aerated, most likely the leak is in the suction line. This type of leak stops, when the pump is running. You could plug up the skimmers, returns and main drain and see if the leaking stops. If it stops, the leak is in the lines. If not, it is elsewhere. Rather than simply digging up all the lines, until the leak is found, call in a leak detection service. They use special equipment to help locate the pool leak and simplify the repair. You could try using a concentrated dye solution to help detect a flow due to leak. Divers can be used to hunt for a pool leak, using a dye solution. Different types of leaks and pools require different detection techniques and a pool-spa leak professional may be the best way to approach the problem, especially when the water loss is more than 2 inches a day. The article mentioned that a pool owner can try to fix the leak themselves, simply by adding Fix A Leak. This product has been around for nearly forty years and is worth trying, if the daily water loss is under two inches.  I hope that this information is helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 8/12/2010

Locating A Pool Leak?

What is the easiest way to locate a pool leak in an above ground pool?

Kathleen B., 8/7/2013

There are products for pool leak detection. Your local pool supply retailer should carry a product such as concentrated dye
solutions, for helping to locate a pool leak. The dye is put into a still pool, near places that may be leaking pool water, such as light fixtures, returns, drains, skimmers and any visible cracks. If there is a leak, near the place where the dye is dripped, the dye will be sucked out at the point of the pool leak. Depending upon the type and location of the leak, it may be possible to add a pool leak sealer to the appropriate location. A leak sealer product, such as FIX A LEAK can create a long-lasting seal in walls, floors or the filtration system. Many times, a leak is either hard to find or massive enough, where do-it-yourself techniques may not be enough. There are companies that specialize in pool-spa leak detection, using sound detection and other equipment or techniques. Good luck and I hope that the information will prove helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 8/7/2013

Pool Liner Leak?

I have noticed that I must have a leak in my liner. How do I find this? Is there something I can put in the water that goes to the spot? I have an above ground pool 24' round. I would appreciate any suggestions, that can help me to repair this pool leak. Thanks.

Lisa J., 5/26/2014

You should try locating the problem, with a leak-locating dye. Products like concentrated dye solutions, are available at local
Boxer Adhesive vinyl pool repair products. pool supply retailers. The dye is put into a still pool, near places that may be leaking pool water If there is a leak, the dye will be sucked out at that point. Are you certain that the liner is the problem? Make sure, by checking all the lines and connections. If you allow the pool to leak, when the water reaches the level of the leak, it will stop. This can help you pinpoint the location. Once you locate the hole in the liner, repair is simple. Boxer Adhesives offers a line of underwater patches and repair kits that you can use to make a lasting repair.  They are designed to be applied under the water, so draining the pool will not be necessary. I hope that this information helps to solve the problem.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/26/2014

Can't Find the Pool Leak?

I am losing more than 1/2" daily from an above ground pool. The pool leak has to be on the floor, but I can't find it. I have tried diving down and using a dye. I did have some pinhole from ants, but all have been patched. Any suggestions.

Bob G., NJ, 7/23/2011

Possibly, there are some pool leaks, that are too small to be seen or are hidden from plain sight.
Fix A Leak is available in pool and spa sizes. Adding Fix A Leak can help seal these tiny pinholes. After being adding to the pool, the product should find its way to the pinhole. The seal can be very long lasting. Care should be taken to avoid vacuuming for at least two weeks. Otherwise, the pressure could suck out the material making the seal. Eventually, it will thoroughly cure and harden. If the pool water loss is persistent and other methods fail, consider contacting a swimming pool leak professional. Leak Detection experts, in your area, will use modern technology to find and fix your pool leak and can help avoid major damage and costly pool water loss. I hope that this information proves helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 7/23/2011

Possible Main Drain Leak?

My pool has been losing water over the winter months. I have been adding water to help prevent the cover from falling in. I feel sure that the main drain is involved. Is there anything I can do before springtime, to repair the pool leak? Thanks for the help.

Brett S., Coram, NY, 12/4/2008

Adding Fix A Leak might just do the trick. To give the product a better chance of actually reaching the main drai
The Circulator for all types of pools.n area, you could pour the product down a length of 2" poly pipe. The product is much heavier than water and will sink down through the pipe. Just direct it close to the main drain. As the pool water leaks out, the product should find it way to the site. The repair could be very long-lasting! Look for the pool water losses to slow or stop, as a positive sign. If the leaking fails to stop, it may be due to a cracked pipe and might need to be located and replaced. A professional pool-spa leak detection service will use modern techniques to locate the leak and be able to perform the necessary repairs. If the cost of any repair work is prohibitive, you have the option of plugging the main drain, closing off the other end and using The Pool Circulator and/or a Robotic Pool Cleaner to provide better circulation, using only the skimmers. Good luck.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 12/4/2008

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Probable Pool Liner Leak?

I need to ask a question about my pool. I had a new liner put in two years ago because ants had gone under the pool liner. It is an above ground pool. I replaced the filter and chlorinator this past fall. So far the only thing not replaced has been the pump. I just lifted the tarp and the water level has gone down a lot since November. How can I tell if there is a pool leak? I cannot get too much help for my husband is 76 and medicine is taking a toll on my wages at work. I need to know a simple way to maybe detect it myself. Please advise me if you can. Thank you.

Maggie, Charleston, SC, 3/4/2011

This does sound like a pool leak, as water loss should have been relatively small, unless the winter cover was not effect
Boxer Adhesives pool and Vinyl Repair Products.ively sealing the pool. The only source of a leak would be the liner and is probably small. If there are no signs of puddling, the pool leak is probably on the pool floor. I suggest that you mark the current water level and seal the pool. Check again in a few weeks. If the water level is still dropping, the pool leak is at or below the current height. If the water level did not drop, the leak is at the current level.  There are leak detecting dye solutions that can be dropped into a still pool and can help pinpoint the location; allowing you to use a vinyl repair kit to repair the liner. The Boxer Adhesives line of repair products can even be used underwater, if necessary. If these efforts do not locate the leak, you should give Fix A Leak a try.  It seals all sorts of pool leaks, without draining or damage.  Good luck and I hope that this information proves helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 3/5/2011

Using Fix A Leak, With A Salt Chlorine Generator?

I have a leak in my pool, which has an inline salt chlorine generator.  Do I have to do anything different, other than what is spelled out in your expanded supplemental instructions?  Thank you.

Relaiant salt chlorine generators, 3-models, for all types of pools, up to 40,000 gallons.Brian, Albany, GA, 11/6/2017

The presence of a salt chlorine generator makes no difference in how Fix A Leak is used.  Just follow, the expanded instructions.  This is important, because only a limited amount of information is printed on the bottle.  I hope that this is helpful.

Sincerely.  Alan Schuster, 11/6/2017

Suction Line Leak?

I have an air leak on the suction side of my inground pool. I was wondering if the Marlig leak sealer is appropriate.  As I have two skimmers, I have been able to turn off one suction side and isolate it. I only need to add enough Fix A Leak to treat 70 feet of 1-1/2” i.d. line. I have the ability to pressurize this line to help force the sealant to the hole. Is there any benefit to this? Thank you.

Denny M., 5/16/2006

Fix A Leak should work well to seal this kind of pool leak, when used, in this manner. By pass the filter and pour the product into the skimmer, where the suspect line attaches. Pressurizing the line can help. The leaking pool water needs to carry the product to the damaged spot. Ordinarily, with suction line leaks, the lines going in and out of the pump, have to be reversed.  Otherwise, the air getting sucked in will prevent the product, from making a seal.  This is not always easy to do.  I hope that this will prove helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/16/2006

Reversing The Flow?

I want to use the Fix a leak product. I have a small pool leak in my suction line (or I suspect). I don't understand the instructions that say to "reverse the flow of water at 5 or 10 psi". How is this accomplished? How do I reverse the flow of water so my out-take becomes my intake, etc? Thanks for your help.

Tim J., 3/15/2008

When air gets sucked in, while the pump is running, it is necessary to reverse the flow. This helps the Fix A Leak exit the site of the leak and produce a seal. To reverse the flow, you must switch the hoses going in and out of the pump. Water will enter through the returns and exit through the skimmers. Make sure the filter is bypassed. After the leaking has stopped, you can restore the system. Good luck and I hope that this information has been useful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 3/15/2008

Standing Water Level?

We have a 10 year old inground pool with steel walls and a vinyl liner. The liner was replaced about 4 years ago. We currently lose about 2-3 inches of water every 2-3 days and have water that stands in the yard all through the summer. When prepping the pool for winter I allowed the pool leak to continue without adding water for several days. The water level receded below the skimmers, jets and continued for another couple of inches then stopped. I looked around the liner but could not find a hole. It also appears that the water level in the yard is resting at the same level of the pool water level. In the winter, the water in the yard dries up. I have suspected a leak in the main drain that stops once the water in the pool is even with the water level in the yard - possible? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Scott H., Kentucky, 5/16/2011

Fix A Leak is available in pool and spa sizes.
Possible? Yes. If it is as you described and the return flow is not aerated, the pool leak should be in the main drain
line or in the return lines, at the height where the leaking stops. If the return flow is aerated, the pool leak is in the suction lines and at the level of the standing water. Fix A Leak might help, as it can permanently seal a pool leak as big as 1/8" in diameter. The pool water loss indicates a sizable leak and you might consider a pool-spa leak detection service. This will help minimize the damage to the surrounding area. I hope that this information is helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/16/2011

Salt Loss = Water Loss?

I live in Florida, I have a 11000 gal. concrete pool/spa with a spill over. Temps. have been 60's at night, 75-80 during the day. I lose about 1/2 in. of water a day. The pool was installed 12/01/08. 80 lbs of salt was added Feb. 1st. and another 40 lbs. on March 20th. The pool installers have checked for leaks and only found a small pool leak in the skimmer. They have returned to check again and state there are no leaks and the water loss of 3 in. a week is normal and the salt addition is normal as well. Everything I read on line states otherwise, as does the local pool company where I have my water tested. I have done the bucket test in the pool and informed installers of the difference of 1/4 inch. I noticed that the spa when the pump is turned off stays at the spill over level for several hours but by morning is down about 1 in. They said they checked the spa as well.   What is the average salt loss?  what is your opinion. Thank you.

Kathe, Florida, 3/27/2009

A loss of 3 inches a weeks seems excessive, at this time of the year. Besides the bucket test shows a 1/4
" loss and that seemProfessional Sat Water Test Kit.s to explain the salt loss and the excessive weekly loss of water. You have a small pool leak and the proof is the salt additions. The only way salt is lost is through pump outs, backwashing or splash outs.  120 pounds of salt suggests a loss 4-6000 gallons of water, if the salt additions were really necessary and based on accurate testing. For salt testing, I recommended the Salt PockeTester, as it is simple to use and accurate. There are dye solutions that can help you locate a leak. A drop or two can be added to a still pool, near possible sites of a leak, and can help trace the way to the location, as the pool water leaks out. Fix A Leak is a product that can permanently seal leaks as big as 1/8" in diameter. It works in gunite, fiberglass or vinyl pools and in the plumbing, as well. Easy to use and will not require that the pool be drained. I hope that this information proves helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 3/28/2009

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Geothermal System Leak?

Has anyone used fix a leak in a closed loop geothermal system that has a leak? Please let me know. Thanks.

Bob G., 1/10/2010

Yes, Fix A Leak has been used for more than 10 years, in the geothermal application. It is used a bit differently, but seems to work wonders, according to some testimonials. For more information about Geothermal Leaks, click this link. I hope that this will prove to be the solution, as it has many times over.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 1/13/2010

Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valve At Work?

Great website. I have a concrete pool about 20x40 and 10-12' at deep end. It is plaster lined and plaster is about 10 years old. I have not had any issues with leaking. I recently drained the pool to do an acid wash and noticed a strange occurrence in that the pool fills itself back up by about 6 inches in 24 hours. This is only down in the deep end and I have pumped it out twice to have it fill back up both times. Would you guess this is groundwater coming in? If so, then should I be worrying about a leak even if I have not had a previous issue? Thanks for any thoughts or comforting words.

Michael T., Boston, MA 12/4/2008

Liquid MetalTrap
Good news. You have a hydrostatic pressure relief valve. It is meant to prevent a pool from popping up, when drained. In your case, the ground water level is higher than the pool  floor and the valve is opening to relieve the pressure. When you're ready to fill, remove as much as possible and start filling. Once the water level, in the pool, is higher than the ground water, the valve will close. Adding a couple of bottles of a quality, phosphate-free, metal treatment, such as Liquid METALTRAP, as the pool fills, might help prevent staining problems. I hope that this puts your mind at ease.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 12/5/2008

Possible Leaking Fiberglass Steps Gasket?

I have a pool leak that I think is at the recessed fiberglass stair set gasket. The water has gone down to a point on the lower step below all the through wall fittings. It has been happening for some time but I've never let it go this far before. There is nothing below this except the main drain. But the water seems to have stabilized at this point. I don't see damage to the vinyl liner and have checked it before. I want to caulk the gasket and want to know what you would suggest. I don't think I can remove and replace the gasket because it will pull away from the stairway seam. I was thinking 3M5200 marine caulk? I'm not sure if it is safe for use with a vinyl liner? The other option is the leak fix that you guys advertise. I don't really want to use a two part epoxy putty. The pool is not running but I could circulate the water us a submersible pump. Or you say it can be applied directly to the area of concern. Any suggestions?

Thanks John B., 5/13/2010

Fix A Leak could work, but you will need to fill the pool up. Once full, you can apply the product with a mustard/ketchup type of dispenser and slowly introduce the product around the gasket. Hopefully, as pool water leaks out, it will draw in the product. Afterwards, add the balance to the pool. Set the system on full main drain and recirculate, with the filter bypassed. Occasionally, stir the bottom. Give it a few days or until the leaking stops. Once the leak stops, you can use the filter to remove the excess leak sealer. A dye solution, dripped into a still pool can help locate the problem. Silicone caulk is a viable solution. I would not expect there to be any damage to the vinyl. I hope that this information will be helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/13/2010

Rapid Water Loss?

I just helped a buddy open his pool in NJ. Removed plugs from return lines, added our chemicals etc. We started the process 5 days ago and yesterday his pool DRAINED OUT in a matter of hours! He has no cracks in the gunite. Maybe his drain is broken, but somebody mentioned to him that a hydrostatic plug may be to blame. DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG TO HIS POOL? Don't even know what one is. Could something get stuck in it and drain it out? Why would it NOT be solely connected to the line back to the pump. Why would it be set up to also drain into the earth? Thank you.

Dave S., Parsippany, NJ, 5/11/2016

This valve is meant to protect the pool from popping up, if the ground water level gets too much higher than the pool level. It
The Circulator boosts pool circulaion. is not connected to the filter system. If ground water is too high, water may enter the pool, but water should not leak out. Possibly, the valve opened inappropriately. If the water table was low, the pool might drain completely. The valve/drain might need to be replaced. More likely, there could be a major break in the main drain line. This is a serious problem. The main drain can be sealed off, but circulation will suffer and not having a hydrostatic pressure relief valve could allow the pool to pop up. As a means of improving circulation, you could add a robotic pool cleaner, which will act as a moving main drain. The installation of The Pool Circulator, in each return jet, will dramatically boost circulation and help make up for the loss of a functioning main drain. Otherwise, repairing the main drain line will require excavation. No, this was not your fault!

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/12/2016

Leaking Inflated Ring Pool?

I have a 15' inflated ring above ground pool. I am quite sure that I have a pool leak in the bottom floor, since there is water coming out from under (not very much). My question is there a product that is safe to use on these type of pools? Will it damage the plastic liner/bottom? Your advice will be appreciated.

Karla H., 6/4/2005

P.S. WOW! This website is fantastic, your advice is so helpful, thank you!
Boxer Adhesive vinyl pool repair products.

This type of pool is made of thin walled vinyl. What you need to do is locate the leak. You can do this by adding a few drops
of a concentrated dye solution (some dealers carry such a product) into a still pool. No filter running and no people! The dye should trace its way to the leak. Once you know where the leak is, you can make a repair. Boxer Adhesives has just the product. Patches or tapes that are made to be used with thin vinyl pools and can be used underwater. Don't use a solvent based repair product, as it can severely damage this thin vinyl.  I hope that this information proves to be helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 6/4/2005

Dealing With An Inflated Pool Air Leak?

I have one of those pools with an inflatable top ring. Seems to have a leak and I am slowly losing air. Any suggestions about locating the leak and fixing it? I appreciate your time and effort.

Aimee, New Jersey 5/22/2009

Look for signs of bubbling, where the ring is covered with water. That will indicate the location. If you don't see bubbling, the pool leak is above the water level. Get some swimming pool algaecide that contains dimethyl ammonium chloride. Make a solution of one part algaecide and 3 parts water and stir it up with a 1-2" brush so that it lathers a bit. They use a technique like this to find a leak in a tire. You don't want to use soap, because you don't want it to end up in the pool water. Brush it on the seams and other areas, until you find the leak. Once found, clean the area with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry off. With this type of thin walled pool, you cannot use a traditional vinyl adhesive and patch, as this can damage the vinyl. Boxer Adhesives offers a complete line of vinyl repair products, including an adhesive patch that is intended to be used with pools just like yours. If necessary, it can even be used under water! I hope that this information will prove helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/22/2009

Stains And A Pool Leak?

We have a 12X24 gunite pool, that was built about 6 years ago. My first concern is related to the pool stains, that have appeared. They started as small light and dark grayish blotches in one corner of the pool. The local pool dealer recommended a metal stain treatment. It did nothing the stains seem to be spreading, covering most of the pool floor.

My second concern is related to the possibility of a pool water leak. We're losing about an inch of water per day. This seems like an awful lot of water to evaporate overnight. We've inspected the tile border for leaks and used a pool leak locating dye solution, trying to determine is any leaks might reveal themselves. Nothing appeared to indicate the location of a leak. How can we determine if there may be a pool water leak, in the lines, fittings, etc? What is the average amount of water loss, we should be experiencing, during the cooler months? Thanks very much for your help.

Kathy N., Florida, 4/25/2006
Stain Reversall Kit.

I doubt that the two problems are related. Simply adding a metal treatment doesn't always work. You might have to lower the
pH to approximately 6.8, to help solubilize the stain. Try this. Put about 1/4 pound of pH reducer powder in a white sock and drop onto a stained area. If this failed, do the same with some vitamin C tablets.  Leave in place for 15 minutes and move around with a wooden pole. If this works, the stain problem is definitely a metal. You can use a MetalTrap Stain Reversal Kit to remove stains, throughout the pool. Whenever new water is added, you can avoid adding more metals, by attaching a MetalTrap Filter, to the garden hose, used to add the water.

Locating a pool leak isn't always simple task. One inch per day is very likely to be a leak. Typical daily water loss depends upon temperature, exposure, wind speed and other variables. A pool water loss of 1/8-1/4" per day would be more realistic,
given the cooler weather. TFix A Leal Seals pool and spa leakshe leak could be in the main drain line or the skimmer lines. A leak in the suction line, could create aeration in the pool, but not necessarily a pool water loss, when the pump is running. Try this. If you would like to measure the true extent of the pool leak do this: place a plastic bucket with water on the top step of the pool, adjust the water level to that of the pool and mark the height of the water level, both in the bucket and in the pool. The next day determine the pool water loss in the pool and in the bucket. The loss in the bucket is due to evaporation. If the pool lost more, that portion is due to a pool leak. Close off the skimmer lines at the multiport valve and plug up the skimmer intakes. If you are still losing pool water, the leak is not in the skimmer lines. If it stops, the leak is in the skimmer line. There are companies that specialize in pool-spa leak detection. However, you first might want to consider using FIX A LEAK. When used as directed, this product can make long lasting seals, in leaks in the plumbing system, walls or fittings, as large as 1/8" in diameter. It is not overly expensive, could solve the problem and is worth a try. Good luck and I hope that this information has been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 4/25/2006

Possibly A Small Pool Leak?

We have a 14 x 28 inground kidney shaped marcite-finished pool. The pool loses about a 0.25 inch of water daily. We bought the house last year and had the pool refinished.  There is a ground drain at the bottom. The piping runs to my garage, where the pump, filter and heater are. The heater is very old (20 plus years). The pump is new and so is the filter. Do you think the cap at the bottom may be loose and causing a pool leak?

Kelly P., 2/13/2010

Have you tried to dive down and inspect with drain? A water loss of 0.25" per day is not conclusively a pool leak. Considering
evaporation and splash out loses, that amount may be close to normal expectations. Such a pool leak would be quite small. Any leakBlue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner RC is somewhere below the level of the water and given the slowness, might take a considerable time to reach the level. If you would like to confirm the extent of the leak do this: place a plastic bucket with water on the top step of the pool, adjust the water level to that of the pool and mark the height of the water level, both in the bucket and in the pool. The next day determine the water loss in the pool and in the bucket. The loss in the bucket is due, solely, to evaporation. If the pool lost more, that portion is due to a pool leak. There are dye solutions that might help locate the leak. Fix A Leak is an easy to use leak sealer, might be able to seal the pool leak. If there is a leak and you fail in your efforts to seal or locate it, you should consider calling in a pool-spa leak detection professional. If the cost of any repair work is prohibitive, you have the option of plugging the main drain, closing off the other end and using The Pool Circulator (Circulation-Boosting Accessory) and/or a Robotic Pool Cleaner to provide better circulation, using only the skimmers. Good luck and I hope that I have helped provide some useful information.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 1/13/2010

Leaking Fountain?

I have a fountain with a large base and some hairline cracks. I have called everyone I know including the dumb manufacturer and no one has a clue about stopping any such leaks. I have a friend in another city who used your product on a hot tub with great success. So, since no one around here (St. George, Utah) seems to carry this product, how do I get a small jug?? Thanks.

H. K., St George, Utah, 8/30/2008
Ultra Poly One Coat is a Hybrid-Epoxy Coating for refinishing plastered or fiberglass pool, spas or fountains.

Fix A Leak should work well, in this application. To order the product, visit the Website Store. They used it to seal a leaking
400 year old slate roof in England and saved $250,000. This one should be simple! After the seal is made, you should consider painting or sealing. This will help avoid freeze-thaw cracks. Ultra Poly One Coat is a hybrid-epoxy coating and might be the perfect paint, for this application. I hope that this information is helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 8/30/2008

Winter Cover Leak?

I noticed that the water was accumulating as winter neared on top of the winter cover. It froze near the top and then I noticed weekly it kept getting lower & lower. I am now trying to remove the water from the cover (this is an inground pool with a drain at the bottom) but as I take water from the top, it keeps lowering with inside the pool. I stopped taking water off (still have Lots more to go) and the winter cover is about 2 to 2-1/2 feet in the pool. It appeared when I stopped for the night and checked in the morning, the water level in the pool was still at the same level. Does this mean there is a leak in the pool. I closed with water level about 12 inches from the top, blew out all jets and sealed them. Do I continue to take all the water off the cover and check for leaks within the pool? Right now it looks like about 3 feet form the top of water is gone. It's a 19X32 kidney shaped inground. Liner is only 2-3 years old.
Boxer Adhesive vinyl pool repair products.
EJ, 3/31/2006

It appears to simply be a leak in the cover. You're pumping the water off the cover and it is coming from the pool. I suggest that you get
as much of the debris off with a leave rack and then remove the cover. Try and find the hole and use a patch to make the repair. Boxer adhesives has the right product. Good luck with the clean up.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 3/31/2006

Where To Buy Fix A Leak Locally?

Hi Alan. Where can I buy the Fix A Leak product in the St. Louis, Missouri area? Thanks for the help.

Norm M., St. Louis, MO, 10/25/2009
Fix A Leak is available in pool and spa sizes.

There is no dealer locator available. Because their sales
are mostly through distributors, servicing the pool retailers and service companies, they might not have a location name available. Fix A Leak can be ordered from this website and will ship within 24 hours. Fix A Leak might be all that you need to seal a leak as large as 1/8" in diameter. I hope the information helps solve the problem.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 10/25/2009

Leaking At Return Fittings?

We have an inground pool in Cape Coral FL. I replaced the pump recently. I just fixed a new leak on the solar panel and now find that I am also losing water at the returns on the pool wall. The dye gets sucked in at both returns when the pump is off. Most likely cause and fix? Thanks.

Chet B., Cape Coral, FL, 5/14/2008

Something loose or cracked? If you see the dye getting sucked in, you might solve the problem with Fix A Leak. Put some product into a squeeze bottle (like something used with condiments) and slowly squeeze product around the return. Pump off! The Fix A Leak will get sucked in and should make a seal. Confirm with the dye. If the leaking stopped, leave off the pump for two days, in order to allow the product to cure. Clean or backwash filter after running for two days. I hope that this information is helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/14/2008

Cracked Skimmer?

I noticed my pool skimmer has a slight crack in it and I was losing water all last year. Is there some type of adhesive I can use to seal this crack or do I need to replace the whole skimmer?
Boxer Adhesives pool and Vinyl Repair Products.
K. F., 5/19/2005

Boxer Adhesives makes a line of repair kits and patches that you can use, including a skimmer repair kit. Quite often, a skimmer
has cracked, over the winter, and can be repaired. I hope that this information will prove to be useful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/19/2006

Pool Water Level?

Alan, I have a 25,000 gallon gunite inground pool. I recently bought the house and I am trying to figure out the water level. I have a skimmer and a main drain. Lately, when the pool pump turns on the morning it seems like the pool skimmer is pulling water faster than the water entering the skimmer can fill the basket. It eventually regulates it self or if I play around with the Float Valve assembly. Ironically, on two occasions I have added water for about 3 minutes and the skimmer flow regulates itself ( I would not think adding water for 3 minutes would add enough water to correct a low water level). It seems like the pool may have a low water level. I am worried I have a pool leak. p.s. The water level going into the skimmer is about an 1 inch over the entry to the skimmer. Thanks.

Jay N., 10/6/2009

Fix A Leal Seals pool and spa leaks
I don't know if you have a pool leak. Your water level might just be borderline and should be raised to the middle of the skimmers.
Place a piece of tape at the water line. If you are losing more that 1/4-1/2" per day there is a possibility of a leak. Factors such as exposure, water and air temperatures, wind speed, humidity, etc. can affect pool water loss. The ideal water level is to the middle of the skimmer. When adding water you can add to this point or slightly higher. When removing excess water, lower the level to about 1" below the top of the skimmer. Current rainfall patterns should be considered. The " Float Valve Assembly" is called a weir and it is supposed to operate with a flapping action. This helps to remove the floating debris. I don't think that you really have a problem with the weir. I hope that I have been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 10/7/2009

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