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Fix A Leak Geothermal Application

Using Fix A Leak to seal a geothermal leak.
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Scroll down to read a testimonial letter, regarding the use of Fix A Leak, to seal a geothermal leak.  Please click the Pool Topics Link, on top of every page, to access a complete listing of Pool Problem subjects, an alphabetized Website Table of Contents, Pool Equipment Information, About Alan Biographic Material and a Pool Glossary. Use the other links to access additional subject information. More information about some new and unique products, for pools and spas, can be found by visiting The Website Store. You'll never know what you'll find and that's always fun. Be better prepared and avoid costly problems!

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The use of Fix A Leak, in the Geo-Thermal leak application is not a typical pool or spa topic. However, the product's manufacturer was kind enough to forward a testimonial letter, that outlines its use.  Click on any image for complete  Product and Ordering Information.

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Fix A Leak Geothermal Applications

Fix A Leak Testimonial - Instruction letter.

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March 6, 1999

RE:  :Start Up Conditioner, Fix A Leak, GEO-LOOP

Directions for use.  For preventative maintenance of vertical or horizontal ground loops, mix one,32-ounce bottle of Fix A Leak and add to geothermal loop field, while purging the system through P/T port, if the system is up and running and reflushing is not necessary.  Add 8-ounces of Fix A Leak for each 5 tons of ground loop, six through 10 tons add 16-ounces, etc.  For troublesome loops, where water loss may be evident, on account of age of equipment, poor connections, fusion joints, sweated joints, old PVC glue joints or any other condition causing a system to lose fluid.  After first repairing all the obvious items, that can be found, add the above mentioned amounts of Fix A Leak, to the ground loop, as described above.  If the water loss is expect to be underground and the result of a bad fusion, add double the amount of Fix A Leak.  Keep the loop pressured up and give the ground loop sufficient time to seal itself.

Mixing directions.  Shake contents well before adding to water.  Use an empty container, two or three times the size of the intended amount of Fix A Leak, to be added.  Fill the empty container less than half full or water and then pour in the Fix A Leak and shake well until mixed.  Incorporate into the loop field, by one of the above mentioned methods.

I have found the product to seal off leaks, evident to the naked eye, in these materials this far:  polyethylene plastic, polybutylene plastic, copper and improperly sweated joints, PVC plastic, black and galvanized steel pipe and, in some instances,  geo-flow centers joined together by bolts and containing rubber gasket material between flanges.  I have found it is not ideal to use, if pressure gauges containing air spaces are installed in-line, on account of the product plugging up the gauges and give an inaccurate reading.  The Fix A Leak product helps to coat all parts of the water passageway and slows scaling and deterioration of cast pumps causing pitting and pinholes and this causing water to show a red color, which indicates future problems and also coats all other materials, as mentioned, and aids in their longevity as well.  In some sense of the word, it is a miracle product, that I have found to cause no damage to any system I've used it in, bit at the same time, it should not be used as an easy way out, when servicing a ground loop.  By this I mean, fix what is obviously wrong, if you're doing repair work and let the loop conditioner (Fix A Leak), be the icing on the cake.

When we looked at the geothermal industry and find consumers disappointed with their installation, several years down the road, because of water loss problems, their first thought is that there is a water leak, somewhere in their backyard.  Out of the hundreds of loops, that I have seen and talked to installers about, there have been, with very few exceptions on problems outside of the underground loop.  However, in almost all cases, the problem has been inside the structure, where every piece of material can be examined and repaired.  Whether the installer was a little careless, by not properly tightening fittings or any other thing of this nature, the bottom line is that I believe that Fix A Leak should be added every time.  Any shortcoming in workmanship can be remedied, with a permanent fix.  Be aware that I have found that, in many instances, pipe threads are not always true, when treaded.  This is not an installers fault.  What can you do besides use the materials provided, that look to be of suitable quality, and hope for the best.  In my opinion, Fix A Leak will absolutely seal off any possible problems, for poor pipe threaded factory parts.  For the geothermal industry to thrive, it is very important that consumers pass along positive recommendations and a minimum of negative outcomes.  The best way that I see it for installers to use every device to help make each job successful.  Fix A Leak Start Up Conditioner is probably the only maintenance product and leak fixer, that based on my knowledge that can be purchased that helps our reputations, because of fewer call backs, that result from poor workmanship and results.


Kevin Moses.

(Testimonial letter sent to Tom Tesselaar, Marlig Industries, Inc.)


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