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Pools and Equipment Information

Pool Product Information from some leading manufacturers.
The Pool and Spa Informational Website or

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Scroll down the page, to access a list of various Pool products categories. Clicking on a category will take you to the Preview Page, of a Leading Manufacturer or, to an Website Store, to make an on-line purchase. From the Preview Page . . . you are just a click away from a Manufacturer's Website!


"Pools and Equipment" Product Categories
Links to product and/or Ordering Information

Chlorine Generators, Salt - Above Ground and Inground Use.
Circulators, Pool -
Circulation Boosting Return Jet Replacement.
Coatings/Paints, Pool -
Manufactured by Poly Solutions, Inc.
Ultra Poly One Coat -
Hybrid-Epoxy Pool and Spa Coating Store.
Consulting Services - Aqualab Systems, Inc.
Filter Cartridge Cleaners, Automatic -
For Cleaning Pool and Spa Cartridges of All Sizes.
Filters, Pool, Mineral Removing
- Removes Iron and Copper.
Iron Removal and Prevention, Pool
- Metal Treatment Products.
Leak Sealers, Pool
- Fix A Leak is Manufactured by Marlig Industries, Inc.
Magnetizer Water Conditioners
- Solves Hardness and Scale Problems.
Metal and Mineral Removal and Prevention, Pool
- Metal Treatment Products.
Paints/Coatings, Pool
- Manufactured by Poly Solutions, Inc.
Ultra Poly One Coat
- Hybrid-Epoxy Pool Coating.
Pool Surface Refinishing
- Manufactured by Poly Solutions, Inc.
Ultra Poly One Coat
- Hybrid-Epoxy Pool Coating.
Pre-Filters, Pool
- Mineral and Contamination Removal Products.
Repair Kits, Epoxy, Vinyl
- Manufactured by Boxer Adhesives.
Salt Chlorine Generators
- Above Ground and Inground Pool Use.
Stain Removal and Prevention, Pool
- Stain and Discoloration Treatments.
Sulfur Removal and Prevention, Pool
- Sulfur and Mineral Treatments.
Vinyl Plastic Repair Kits
- Manufactured by Boxer Adhesives.
Water Testing Supplies
- Manufactured by LaMotte Company.

Electronic, Digital, ColorQ Testers
- Impressive Selection performs 4-11 test factors.
Electronic, Digital PockeTesters
- Salt, TDS, pH, Temperature, ORP and more.
Professional Water Testing Labs
- What the Professionals Use.
  Individual Specialty Test Kits Store
- Find the Right Kit for any Test.
Pool and Spa Test Strips Store
- Full Line of Test Strips.
    Pool and Spa Test Kit Replacements
- Supplies For All LaMotte Testers.
Well Water Treatment, Pool
- Better Ways to Treat Well Water.

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More Pool Information . . . is just a click away!!!!!
pool image Pool Problems Information

Search through 68 categories of archived swimming pool information.
Everything from Algae to Zeolites.

Pool and Spa Feedback We Get Feedback Letters

Browse through feedback from pool and spa owners, pool specialists and website sponsors. We can't add them all, so only a sampling have been chosen.  We do get lots of letters

Daily Tips - Helpful Info. Daily Pool and Spa Tips

On a daily basis, we'll try and add a brief, helpful pool or spa tip and retain the most recent posts.  We hope that you'll find the information and links, both timely and helpful.

Website Table of Contents Table of Contents

For locating information or products, use this alphabetical listing of the entire website's content.  A quick way to locate the product or information, that you're looking for.

Pool and Spa Glossary Pool and Spa Glossary

Learn more about hundreds of pool and spa terms. Everything you might need or want to know, about pool or spa terminology.  Helps you become better informed.

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More Pool Information . . . is just a click away!!!!!
help button E-mail Alan A Question

To ask a question, use the "E-Mail A Question" Link, in the banner, at the top of every page. Your privacy will be guarded. Please include your name, city, state and the specific details of the problem or question. All questions are answered in a timely manner.

Useful Pool and Spa Links

Browse through a list of links to some suggested websites in the pool and spa industry and more.  You might just find the right link or whatever you're looking for!  There are also links, throughout this website, to direct you to additional problem-solving or product information.

Bio-Graphic Image All About Alan Biographic

Read some biographic materials about the creator of this website. More than 40 years of experience, in the pool and spa industry and a background, as a chemist, has lead to this website's development.  Tens of thousands of pool and spa problems have been solved.

Fin Pool and Spa Products Website Pool and Spa Products Store Directory

If you looking for a specific product, this alphabetized listing. from A to Z, of all of the items, for sale on this website, is sure to help.  Otherwise feel free to browse or use the Search Bar, near the top of every page. Maybe you'll surprise yourself.

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Better Information and Safer Shopping. . . are a click away!!!
shopping basket Website Stores Shopping

Sometimes a unique or hard to find product can solve a pool or spa problem or simply make things easier.  You'll find interesting products, that you might have never seen before, and others that help you save time and effort. Take a look. Surprise yourself.

#2086 ColorQ 2X PRO 7 Pool and Spa Test Equipment Store

Browse through one of the largest selections of Pool and Spa Test Equipment, you'll find anywhere.  From the familiar to the high tech, you will find whatever you require, to suit all your testing needs.  Check out the state-of-the art WaterLink SpinTouch Labs

New Poolo and Spa Products New Pool and Spa Product Spotlight

Finding new Pool and Spa products is always fun, because you never know what you will find.  You might find something entirely new or a product that you never knew existed.  No matter what, taking a quick look just might help solve a problem.

Big sale in the website store. What's On Sale???

Why pay full price? This is the place to start.  You will find ColorQ all-digital Water Analyzers on sale, as well as a variety of other, interesting pool and spa products. Your purchasing information is protected, with SSL encryption, on our secure website.

Stuff for spas. Stuff For Spas

Browse through a variety of Spa and Hot Tub products.  You'll find products that will help you solve problems or make spa, swim spa or hot tub maintenance easier.  You're bound to find something interesting, that you might not have seen before.

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