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LaMotte Water Test Equipment, for pools and spas.
The first name in water testing since 1919

LaMotte Pool and Spa Water Analysis Products

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The Future is here!!!
WaterLink SpinTouch Lab
LaMotte WaterLink SpinTouch Labs, for Pool and Spas
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WaterLink® SpinTouch Professional Lab
Code 3580
A New Spin on Professional, Precision Water Analysis

An improved and revolutionary in-store lab or mobile pool and spa water testing capabiProfessional and Consumer Water Analysis Productslity is here! Let the innovative WaterLink® SpinTouch photometer, do all your pool and spa water testing, whether it's being done at a fixed location or done with in-the-field mobility. Just fill one unique Spin reagent disk with water and vital tests are done automatically. In just 30-60 seconds, 3-10 different test factors are completed, with no measuring, color-matching or guesswork.  The test results can be viewed on the built-in touch screen or transferred, by Bluetooth or a USB cable, to connect to a PC computer, with the optional DataMate 10 software. The displayed results and precise treatment recommendations and instructions can be printed out, for further action, as required. All data is stored, for future use or referral.  Instead of using the DataMate 10 software, you have the option of using Bluetooth to connect to Cloud-Based WaterLink DataMate Web, which is a subscription-based service.  This is especially valuable when there are multiple stores, within the same marketing area or even with locations country-wide or world-wide.

video monitor
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WaterLink SPIN Lab
demonstration video.
  • The next generation or in-store professional pool and spa water testing system.

  • So Simple Anyone Can Use It!  Just add water!

  • Just Fill Disk With Sample and Spin.

  • All test results, up to 10 different test factors, in 60 Seconds.

  • Computer ready with the purchase of the DataMate Software. 

  • Computer not included.

  • Precise Wet Chemistry.

  • Pre-measured Reagents and Sample Amounts.

  • No clean up.

  • 2 Year Factory Warranty.

WaterLink® SpinTouch Mobile Professional Lab
Code 3581

The same cutting edge technology is ideally suitable for in-the-field use.  This easy-to-use, portable photometer was designed WaterLink SpinTouch Mobile Labfor retail operators, service technicians, aquatic professionals, facility operators and any situation, that requires portability. The WaterLink® SpinTouch utilizes Bluetooth® technology to communicate with Android® and Apple Smart phones and tablet devices or can connect to the Cloud, using the WaterLink SpinTouch subscription service App.  A full battery charge provides for 6 hours of operation or enough to perform 100-150 tests.  If circumstances change, it can be used in exactly the same manner, as the model designed for in-store or facility use. The mobile version includes everything, except the in-store counter mat and banner, and includes a waterproof, custom-designed carrying case.  Uses the same replacement discs, as the #3580 WaterLink SpinTouch Lab In-Store Model, which are not included and are sold separately. Now you have 2 ways to connect to the water analysis software.  For in-store use, you can use the DataMate 10 software or the cloud-based DataMate WEB App subscription service.  If you have multiple stores, they can all connect to the same cloud-based DataMate WEB App subscription service, so that the customer's data is kept in one file, no matter which of your stores does the actual testing.  The WaterLink SpinTouch Mobile model can use an Android or Apple phone or tablet and the same cloud-based DataMate WEB App subscription service, to enable a single tester or multiple testers.  Take this cutting edge technology right to the pool or spa.  For complete details on the DataMate WEB App Subscription Service go to: 

#3580 WaterLink SpinTouch Lab, in-store Model
#3581 WaterLink SpinTouch Lab, Mobile Model
#3582 WaterLink SpinTouch Lab, Commercial Model
#3583 WaterLink SpinTouch Lab, Drinking Water Model

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LaMotte Pool and Spa Water Testing Products
#2085 ColorQ 2X PRO 7 New!!!  One_Dip Insta_test Strips for pools and spas
Professional Testing Labs ColorQ 2X Digital Analyzers Insta-Test Strips
LaMotyte replacement test supplies.  LaMotte replacement TesTabs. Tracer PockeTester for Salt, TDS and Temperature testing. Iron Test Kit
Test Kit Replacements Electronic PockeTesters Individual Test Kits
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LaMotte Insta-Test Strips for pools and spas.

LaMotte Pool and Spa Insta-Test Strips

Why wait for answers???

LaMotte Company's Insta-Test® strips are the only strips designed specifically for pool and spa water that provide instant results. The user simply dips the strip, quickly removes and shakes the water off, for a reliable test of up to 6 water quality factors. The plastic strip
Insta-Test 3 Plus Test Strips for pools and spas.holder has been made from a new water repellent plastic, that prevents interference from adjacent test pads. This a big step forward, for test strip accuracy and reliability.

We guarantee you will love the convenience and simplicity of Insta-Test® strips in their patented PopTop vial. The vial has a unique molded desiccant liner that protects the strips from moisture during and between each use. This design eliminates loose caps and desiccant pillows that can easily get wet and ruin strips.

The Insta-Test® 3 is a popular choice for measuring Free Chlorine or Bromine, pH, and Alkalinity in a snap. The Insta-Test 5 includes extra tests for Total Chlorine and Hardness. The Insta-Test 6 add a cyanuric acid test. Insta-Test strips are available for copper, iron, cyanuric acid, salt, borates, peroxide, nitrates, phosphates, salt, monopersulfate & test strips that do several combinations of tests. Professional versions of some of the more common multiple test strips are available

Free Downloadable Insta-Test 5 Handbook 

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For More Complete and Specific Product or Ordering Information,
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The ColorQ, all-digital, Pool and Spa Testers

The NEW ColorQ 2X Models are the second generation of these precision testers are waterproof and Bluetooth ready and feature an innovative, technically advanced, dual-optic design which enables the ColorQ Digital Testers to provide more accuracy. Additional 2X models will be added to the offering, as production is ramped up.  Eventually, all the ColorQ will be the 2X versions. The eight (8) ColorQ Photometer kits read directly on a digital display and eliminate the need to visually determine slight color variations or use look-up tables. Takes the guesswork out of pool or spa water analysis. A must for those with color vision impairment. A 5 minute auto-off function protects the battery life (2 AA batteries included). There is nothing else to buy, as all of the required supplies are provided, depending on the model selected. Modestly Priced and Suitable for Consumer or Professional use. Supplied with photo-diagrammatic instructions in English, Spanish and French. Includes a 6-month warranty on parts and workmanship. Several ColorQ Models have received most valuable new product awards and recognition from Pool and Spa Trade Industry Publications.

Eight (8) Consumer or Professional Models to choose from.
Performs 4-11 different tests without any color-matching or guesswork.

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LaMotte Water Analyzers and Products for Pools and Spas

The first name in water testing since 1919.
Visit us at

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