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Daily Tips and Helpful Pool and Spa Information

Daily Tips - Helpful Info.|

On a daily basis, we'll try and add a brief, helpful pool or spa tip or product suggestion and retain posts, from the past 30 days.  We hope that you'll find the information and links, timely and helpful.

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Some Of The Products Featured In The Website Stores
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Struggling with ugly staining and/or source water, that contains iron, copper or manganese? A METALTRAP Stain Reversal Kit can remove the stains and the metals, from surfaces and the water. Next, use a METALTRAP Filter to treat all new water additions, keeping metals out and avoiding future recurrences.   Stain and Metals Treatments
METALTRAP Stain Reversal Kit METALTRAP Filters - 3 Sizes
MetalTrap Stain Reversal Kit MetalTrap Filter, in 3 sizes.
Use the METALTRAP Stain Reversal Kit to remove any stains, as well as metals and phosphates, from the pool or spa water. Use a METALTRAP Filter, to treat all new water additions, preventing iron, copper and manganese, from being added to the pool or spa.
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Every now and then, a product comes along that changes everything!!! Improved and even more capable. The WaterLink SpinTouch Labs require only a single 3-ml sample of water and provide up to 10 different test results and a computer printout, in just one minute. Simple to use, even a novice can master them. The Mobile version display test results on the touchscreen and sends the test results to The Cloud, Android Smart Phones or Tablets. Factory Fresh -  Guaranteed.  The testers are the same, the main difference being the case, for portability.  WaterLink SpinTouch Labs

Get your order in now and secure a place in the shipping schedule. Expected to ship in 2-4 weeks, because of an order backlog.
New lower pricing!!!  From $699.00.  Disks, Software and Web Subscription Service are sold separately.   Don't delay!!!

WaterLink SpinTouch Lab

Want to improve upon traditional pool sanitizers?  The addition of a Salt Chlorine Generator, Floating, Solar UV Sanitizer, Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer or Solar-Powered Mineralizer can reduce chemical usage, improve water quality and provide better algae control. Used in combination, with each other or traditional products, they clearly produce better results and fewer problems.
Alternative Pool Sanitizers
Satron Retro Salt Chlorine Generator CARD-ON-GUARD UV SANITIZER FOR RESIDENTIAL POOLS AND SPAS. NUVO Ultraviolet Sterilizers for residental pools, of all types. Solar-Powered Mineralizer
Salt Chlorine Generators Floating Solar
UV Sanitizer
Ultraviolet Sterilizers Solar-Powered

clearly better results

Time for a face lift. Ultra Poly One Coat is the Hybrid-Epoxy coating that lasts! It has a 15-year factory warranty, covers in one coat, requires no primers or sealers and preparation is easier. Used in gunite and fiberglass pools, spas, swim spas, water parks and, even, alligator pits, across the U.S.  Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid Epoxy Coating

Ultra Poly One Coat

. . . the Hybrid-Epoxy Pool and Spa Coating that lasts!!!

Ultra Poly One Coat - before Ultra Poly One Coat - after
Before After
Do you know what's in your water? Is your Pool or Spa Water Testing Reliable? Tired of color-matching and guesswork? An all-digital ColorQ tester might be just what you need. There's a model, for every sanitizing need and for Homeowner or Professional use.  ColorQ All-Digital Pool and Spa Testers
ColorQ All-Digital Photometer Test Kits, for Pools and Spas
ColorQ all-digital Pool and Spa Tester. ColorQ all-digital Pool and Spa Tester.

Guaranteed Factory Fresh!!!

Choose from 6 models that perform 4-7 different tests. Choose the one that's best suits your pool or spa homeowner or professional needs.

Choose from 5 models that perform 7-11 different tests. Features larger supplies of testing chemicals and some helpful, informational testing aids.

Does your pool or spa have a leak? Before you start digging, consider trying Fix A Leak. Some leaks, as big as 1/8-inch in diameter, can be sealed, using Fix A Leak. While some leaks will require nothing short of a hands-on fix, Fix A Leak has been sealing all types of pool and spa leaks, for over 30 years. The original and best.  Fix A Leak

Fix A Leak sealant for pools, spas, fountains and more.

Great Pool Idea!!! Create a great, new look. Want the appearance of a real tile mosaic, without spending a fortune, in any kind of pool?  A drop-in Pool Graphic Mosaic Mat looks like the real thing, in any type of pool.  Simply place in the pool and position, with a pool pole.  It's weighted, to keep it in place.  Choose from 3 sizes and a variety of designs.
Pool Graphic Mosaic Mats


Pool Graphic Mosaic Mats, in 3 sizes - Just Drop In Place!!!

Large Chasing Dolphin Pool Graphics Mat.
Large Size: 47-inch diameter (119.4 cm)

Medium Single Dolphin Pool Graphics Mat.
Medium: 23.5-inch

Small Chasing DolphinsGraphic Pool Mats.
Small: 10.5-inch

Do you use a Salt Chlorine Generator, in your Pool, Spa or Swim-Spa? Proper salt testing helps assure proper performance and helps extend the life of the salt-cell. Choose from two, easy-to-use, all digital, dip-n-read models, that only require one press of a button.   SafeDip and SaltDip Testers
6-in-1 Dip-n-Read Tester 2-in-1 Dip-n-Read Tester
Safe-Dip 6-in-1 Pool and Spa Tester SaltDip 2-in-1 Salt and Temperature Tester.
The SafeDip Pool and Spa Tester performs tests for:  Salt, TDS, Free Chlorine, pH, ORP and Temperature. All-Digital. Uses no testing chemicals. Six tests in just minutes. The SaltDip Pool and Spa Tester performs tests for Salt and Temperature. All-Digital. Uses no testing chemicals. Simple to use. Just fill sample cup and press a button.
Don't you want to make pool or spa maintenance easier? Who doesn't? It's easy to Improve Surface Skimming, with the right product.  A Robotic Pool Cleaner makes pool vacuuming virtually automatic.  A Portable Battery-Powered Pool or Spa Vacuum eliminates the hoses, cords and tangles. A Water Sweeper Broom washes away debris, from decks, patios, walkways and pool covers, and cleans up chemical spills.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Surface Skimmers Robotic Pool
Water Broom Sweepers
Floating Pool Skimmer Blue-Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner with Remote Control. Batter=powered vacuum for spas and small pools. Water Sweeper Broom
Choose from 5 very different models. Four models, for inground pools 7 models, for every pool/spa use Four models, for outdoor cleanup
Click any image for more Product and Ordering Information
Structural cracks can be serious!!!  Need to make a structural concrete crack repair, in a pool, spa, fountain or foundation? Torque-Lock Staples make Rock-Solid repairs and set the standard. Exerts 5,000 pounds of torque, preventing the repaired crack, from expanding.  Torque-Lock Repair Kits

Torque-Lock Staples make structural concrete crack repairs.

Pool Cloudy or dealing with algae? Want to make the most, out of every hour of pool filter operation? You need to improve pool water circulation! No matter what time of the season, The Circulator improves sanitizer distribution, eliminates algae-prone dead zones, allowing you to reduce pump running times.  The Circulation Boosting Return Jet Replacement Fitting

The Ciruclater replacement return jet fitting improves pool water circulation.
Ultraviolet kills what chlorine may not. Cryptosporidium, Giardia and E. Coli are serious aquatic pathogens and UV can kill them.  Want to reduce chemical usage and improve pool sanitizing? A NUVO Ultraviolet Sterilizer kills microorganisms, that most other sanitizers cannot, when used at normal usage rates. Get better water quality and control health risks, while reducing overall chemical additions.  Ultraviolet Pool Sterilizers

NUVO Ultraviolet Sterilizers for Residential Pools.

Would you like to clean your pool every day with less work?  You can using the SkimDevil® solar-powered, robotic pool cleaner-surface skimmer. Remove leaves, pollen, hair, insects and oils removed from the pool surface. It operates autonomously and operates on solar-power. Simply press START, place the robot in your pool and let the cleaning begin.  The SkimDevil® maneuvers around obstacles and tight spaces, all by itself. Cleans 4,000 square feet per hour.  Order now, to get on the production schedule, for Mid-May Shipment. Pool Surface Skimmers-Cleaners

SkimDevil, Solar-Powered Robotic Pool Cleaner
A Floating Solar UV Sanitizer, with BioPhotonX™ UV Light Conversion Technology, captures and magnifies ultraviolet light, breaking down a portion of the water molecules and creating Free Radicals.  These active Free Radicals attack, weaken and inhibit reproduction of algae and bacteria, allowing you to use less chlorine and fewer chemicals, in your pool or spa.
Floating, Solar UV Sanitizer

Card On Guard, Solar UV Sanitizer, for pools and spas.

This Spa Salt Chlorine Generator is "smart enough" to only produce chlorine, when it is actually needed.  Do you want real chlorine automation, for your spa, swim-spa or pool, up to 17.000 Gallons?  The MegaChlor-CD salt chlorine generator features Chlorine Detection Technology, that monitors the actual chlorine content.  Never over chlorinate again.
Salt Chlorinators for Pools    Salt Chlorinators for Spa and Swim-Spas
MegaChlor-CD Controller Unit. MegaChlor-CD
Salt Chlorine Generator
Chlorine Detection Technology
Plug-n-Play Ready
Requires no installation
For Spas, Swim-Spas and Pools
Never Over-Chlorinate Again!!!
MegaChlor-CD Control Unit
MegaChlor-CD. Complete System

Only the MegaChlor-CD model, with Chlorine Detection Technology, uses a Blue Cable, with the salt-cell.  The MegaChlor model, without the Blue Cable, does not include the
Chlorine Detection Technology.
MegaChlor-CD Salt Cell
MegaChlor-CD, Complete MegaChlor-CD Salt Cell
Why make a mess of things, when there's an easier way to clean pool or spa filter cartridges? The Blaster Filter Cartridge Cleaners simply attaches to a garden hose. The cartridge is quickly spray washed and cleaned, as the water pressure causes it to rotate. Available in 3 sizes.  Automatic Filter Cartridge Cleaners

Automatic Filter Cartridge Cleaners, for pools and spas.

Are you unsure about whether or not your pool or spa has a leak? Do the bucket test. It cancels out the effects of normal evaporation and provides the true extent of the water loss.  It's a simple and reliable test. Fix A Leak has been sealing all types of leaks, for over 30 years. The original and best. Available in pool and spa sizes.
Fix A Leak Helps Seal Pool or Spa Leak Problems
Fix A Leak for pools and spas. Fix A Leak seals pool and spa leaks.
Want an easier way to clean up the whole pool or just do some spot-cleaning? Tired of hoses and power-cord tangles? Battery-powered hand vacuums are cordless and hoseless and attach to poles, for a longer reach. Choose from a variety of portable models, to suit every budget and every pool or spa homeowner or professional requirement.
Portable, Hoseless, Battery Powered Pool and Spa Vacuums

Hand Held vacuum model PB-MAX No More Tangles Model SV battery-powered Spa Vacuum.
7 Models suitable for all pools, from small to large No More Hoses 4 Models suitable for all spas and swim spas.
Look at what a thermal cover-lifter and a scenic mural can do for a spa?  Add a cover lifter and thermal cover removal becomes easy.  Attach a water and chemical resistant, scenic mural backdrop, to the uplifted cover and you can create your own little bit of paradise.  Do one or both. Simple to install.   Scenic Spa Mural Backdrops

Mural Scenic Backdrop, for uplifted spa thermal covers.

Want to add lights, to your pool or backyard? These waterproof lights are wireless, floatable, remote-controlled and rechargeable. Easy to charge - run time is 6-12 hours. Use them in the pool or around the deck or patio. Choice of models and sizes. Select a color or run all 16 and create a light show.   Outdoor Lighting and Music Products
Rechargeable, waterproof and weather-proof outdoor light
Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Weatherproof, rechargeable outdoor light. Outdoor lights for pools and the backyard Waterprrof Outdoor Lighting.
Beacon Gum Drops Spheres Cone
Lighting Up Outdoor Living!!!
Falling leaves ending up in the pool? A Water Sweeper Broom attaches to an ordinary garden hose and water sweeps 3 times faster, while using 1/3 of the water. Use it to clean pool decks, patios, walkways, chemical spills, winter pool covers, solar pool blankets, garage floors and, even, shingled roofs. Choose from 4 (four), quality, American-Made models.
Water Sweeper Brooms

Water Sweeper Brooms

Do you know what's in your Pool or Spa Water? Test it and find out. Want Factory-Fresh replacement chemicals and supplies, for ALL LaMotte testers? We have all the ColorQ supplies, all the WaterLink Express supplies, all the WaterLink SPIN Lab supplies,  all of the Test Strips, all of the PockeTesters and all of the Individual Testers items.. Factory-Fresh Guaranteed. LaMotte Test Kit Replacements
Want a better way to use chlorine, in a spa, hot tub or swim spa?  A salt provides better control, less odor and eliminates the measuring, handling and storage of chlorine products. Choose from an affordable selection of models, including several that are Plug-n-Play ready, with Automatic Chlorine Detection Technology. No Installation Required.
Salt Chlorine Generators for Spas and Swim Spas

Salt Chlorine Generators, for Spas and Swim Spas
Mini Salt Chlorine Generator, for spas and swim spas. MegaChlor salt chlorine generator for spas, swim spas and pools up to 10,000 gallons.
Looking for some practical and useful spa accessories?  Need a Holiday Gift Idea? Check out these interesting items and more. You'll find the latest in water testers, battery-powered spa vacuums, salt chlorine generators, spa cover lifters, scenic backdrops, spa-side rails, spa steps and more.
Stuff for Spas

Stuff for Spas - accessory products.

This is a great gift, for kids, with a pool. Are you ready, for some family fun time? Whether it's gift time or fun time, who wouldn't want to play with this set of Remote-Controlled Pool Racing Boats. Ideal for kids, of all ages, big and small. Rechargeable batteries provide hours of family fun.  Remote-Controlled Pool Racing Boats

Remote-Controlled Pool Racing Boats

Want to do Aquatic Training like a Pro and swim endlessly in place? This product is recommended by coaches and used by athletes of the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team. You don't need a bigger pool - all you need is the right Aquatic Fitness Trainer. It's Professional-Grade and it's easily done, in any kind of pool. Models for Inground Pools, Above Ground Pools, Swim Spas and Travel. Swim without having to turn around.   Aquatic Fitness Trainers
Super Swim Pro Deck Mounted Model
SuperSwimPro - to swim endlessly, in place.
Make your kids want to clean the pool? Falls leaves can be a problem. It can be fun, when using a remote-controlled pool surface skimmer. The Joy-Stick Controller will turns this in a fun thing. Operates on rechargeable batteries, which are included. Imagine kids wanting to help clean the pool?  It can be done!!!
Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer
Remote-Controlled Pool Surface Skimmer
Remote-Controlled Pool Surface Skimmer

●  For all types of pools and small ponds.
●  Fully assembled
●  Fast, Easy and Fun!!!
●  Powered by a heavy-duty Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack. 
Includes charger and battery pack. 
●  Easy to use joy-stick controller. 
Detachable skimmer net. 
●  Full 1-year factory warranty.

Is your pool open all winter??? Don't fight a losing battle, against algae!!! Here's how to control algae all season long, while using less chlorine? A Solar-Powered Pool Purifier/Ionizer/Mineralizer helps control algae, using Dual-Ion purification, even when the chlorine is low. Use less chlorine and have fewer sanitizing problems. Two models, for use in all types of pools, up to 32,000 Gallons. On sale now.
Solar-Powered, Dual-Ion, Pool Purifier/Ionizer

Solar-Clear Mineralizer SolarPur Mineralizer
Solar-Clear Pool Mineralizer SolarPur Pool Mineralizer
Want to get and keep a cleaner pool? Better skimming makes for a cleaner pool? Here are Five (r) choices that never make you choose between filtering or skimming. For use in any type of pool. Little or no installation is required. Can be used to supplement existing skimmers, for a clean pool.  Pool Surface Skimmers
Pool Surface Skimmers-Cleaners
Floating Pool Surface Skimmer
Floating Pool Skimmer, that connects to any standard suction line and can be used with or without a suction-side cleaner.
Solar-Powered, Robotic Pool Cleaaner and Surface Skimmer.
A Robotic
Surface Skimmer
cleans the surface and prevents debris and insects from sinking to the floor.
Remote-Controlled Pool Surface Skimmer
This Remote-Controlled Pool Surface Skimmer is fun to use.  The kids will actually want to clean the pool. Rechargeable.
Return-jet powered pool surface skimmer.
This Return-Jet Powered skimmer creates powerful skimming action. Debris collects in its easily emptied bag. For all pool types.
Why struggle with hard water issues, scaling and cloudy Pool or Spa water?  A Magnetic Water Conditioner helps prevent and remove scale deposits, improves water quality and reduces chemical usage. No moving parts and uses no energy. Simply clamp on to install.
Magnetic Water Conditioners
Magnetic Water Conditioners for Pools, Spas or Whole House
One set of Magnetizer - installed. Tormec Whole House Magnetic Water Conditioner.
Set of 4 magnets clamp around any return line, up to 2-inches in diameter. For use in Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs or Swim Spas. Sets of 8, 12 or 24 more powerful magnets clamp around pipes up to 1.5-2.0-inches. Models for use in Pools, Spas or the Whole House.
How much chlorine does a pool need? One size doesn’t fit all. Chlorine needs vary with the season and bather usage. A salt chlorine generator allows you to vary chlorine output, to match the changing demands. This is the better way to do chlorine. 
Salt Chlorine Generators for all types of Pools

Salt Chlorine Generator, for all types of pools.

Using well water? Do you have a iron, copper, manganese or phosphate problem? Phosphates make algae growth more likely, especially when sanitizer levels are low. Heavy metals cause staining and discoloration, no matter the time of the year. The 2-part, TotalTrap Pool Refresh treatment can remove phosphates and dissolved metals.
Pool Refresh TOTAL TRAP Treatment

Pool Refresh Total Trap removes phosphates and dissolved metals, from pools and spas.
Isn't Sparkling, Crystal-Clear Pool or Spa Water what you really want? And don't you want to use fewer chemicals? Nano-Stick Clarifiers could be just the product, to help you reach those goals. Nothing to install.  Simply hang the 10-inch spa clarifier stick or 32-inch pool clarifier stick, in the pool or spas.  That's all it takes and lasts for about 4 months.
Nano-Stick Clarifiers for Pools and Spas

Nano-Technoloy Test Before. Nano-Technology Test after.
Photo-catalytic porous ceramic
crystals contain
utilized in the new Nano-Stick
for Pools and Spas.

Why settle for 20th century results, when you can have all the benefits of a  21st Century revolution in Pool and Spa water clarity and purity?

Light activates the Nano-Titanium and organic contamination is destroyed, while Pool and Spa water clarity and quality improves.

This is how

reflectors look
under the


Nano-Technology Products for Pools and Spas.
Leaves and debris sinking to the pool floor? A battery-powered leaf vacuum is what you need. No hoses or power cords to tangle. Operates independently of the pool pump. Don't clean a messy pool, without one.
Battery-Powered Leaf Vacuum for Pools

Battery-Powere Leaf Vaccum for all types of pools.

Want to use test strips, to perform a variety of tests, using Professional grade Test Strips? In addition to all of the basic tests, you can also do Borates, Phosphates, Salt, Biguanide, Peroxide. Monopersulfate, Sodium Bromide, Copper, Iron and More.  Insta-Test Strips_for Pools and Spas
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