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Streamlined Turbo Circulation Booster

The Circulator . . . now even better than ever!!!

The Circulator The Circulator for pools The Circulator improves pool water circulation.
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The Circulator is a return jet fitting. that makes the water come alive.

Circulation-Boosting Return-Jet Nozzle Replacement

All Types of Swimming Pools

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Scroll down to browse through information about the Circulator and how it dramatically improves pool water circulation, chemical dispersion and heat distribution.  Simply replace the existing return fitting with The Circulator.  The Website Store Directory contains an alphabetized listing of all products for sale.  We don't just sell products.  We help you make a better-informed choice, by providing all the information, you might require. Need ordering help?  Scroll down the page, for the Order Desk Telephone Help Number. All items ordered will end up in the same shopping cart, no matter which page of this website, the items are located.  All Major Credit Cards and PayPal are accepted.  Order one today.

The Streamlined Circulator
Circulation Turbo Boosting Accessory
Inground, Above Ground and Soft-Sided Pools

The Circulator:  circulation booster for all types of pools. The Circulator:  circulation booster for all types of pools.
Video Monitor.
Click monitor to view a Demonstration video.

The Circulator is the most effective and economical way to easily and inexpensively improve pool water circulation. The Circulator helps eliminate the dead zones, that promote algae growth and reduces water improves heater efficiency, through better heat dispersion.  The lowering of the water surface temperature can help reduce evaporation.  Installation is simple. Just unscrew the return-jet fittings and replace them with the Circulator. A special models can be used with Intex or Easy-Set above ground pools.  All existing return jets must be replaced, with The Circulator, to achieve optimum results.

The Circulator:  circulation booster for all types of pools. Better circulation help eliminates the dead zones,  that promote cloudy water and algae growth. Without proper circulation, water forms layers, based on temperature differences. This promotes poor and inadequate, distribution of chemicals and heat.  With The Circulator installed, in each return jet, water flows spiraling in every direction, improving the chemical dispersion and eliminating dead zones and improving heating, filtration and water quality.  Now includes bottom cap, for better flow control.
The Circulator:  circulation booster for all types of pools. The Circulator can help you get achieve results, while reducing filter cycle times. The Circulator sends spiraling flows of water, forward in all directions. Slower rotation results in more force pushing the water spiraling ahead.  You'll get the benefits of better water quality and saving on chemicals and energy usage. Put an end to dead zones, that promote algae growth.  You achieve and maintain more consistent water quality, by replacing the return fittings with The Circulator.
The Easy to install Circulator - Powerful Rotating Action Saves Time and Money!

●  Installation is as simple as it gets!
●  Adaptors are available for special circumstances or pool types.
●  Use in any type of pool, equipped with screw in return-jet fittings.
●  Special model, for use with Intex or Easy-Set above ground pools.
●  Simply remove the existing "eyeball" fitting and screw in The Circulator.
●  The Circulator extends into the return pipe about 3 inches with only about 1-inch extended from the pool wall.
●  Direct the flow in any directions:  up, down, sideways or recirculate.
●  NEW!!! Includes a bottom cap, for better flow control
●  Helps remove silt from the pool floor.
●  Limited lifetime factory warranty.

●  The patented Circulator is a design marvel, that provides as much as 1500% more circulating power.  This will save you time and money, by reducing the length of filter cycles!
The Circulator will pay for itself and provide savings in electricity, heating, and maintenance.
●  The Circulator disburses chemicals more effectively, throughout the entire pool, improving pool water quality. The spiraling circulating action helps to better disperse chemicals, so that they perform at their expected potential.
Helps eliminate cloudy pool water, by eliminating dead zones, that cause algae blooms.
●  Cleaning becomes virtually effortless, with the spiraling return water jets shooting down the walls of your pool, making your pool vacuum and filter much more effective.
Safe to use in pools with salt chlorine generators and all other types of chemical sanitizers or sanitizing equipment.

 Simple Installation and Dramatically Better Circulation
Works in virtually all pools . . . world-wide!!!

The Circulator is compact and should fit virtually all pools world-wide, provided they are equipped with wall-mounted pool return fittings.  A special model accommodates Intex or Easy-Set pools.  A Circulator must be installed, in every return outlet, for proper performance.  Installation consists of unscrewing the old fitting and replacing, with the Circulator.  Occasionally, installation requires an adaptor, because of the use of non-standard return fittings.  Have no fear!!!  If you encounter any sort of installation problem, we will provide any required adaptors, at a small, nominal, shipping and handling chargeE-Mail us at and provide a telephone number and any helpful information.  A product expert to get back to you, with a solution.

Click here to read some Circulator feedback letters.
Intex or Easy-Set Above Ground Pools
The Circulator can be used with single return jet Intex and Easy-Set pools, but a special 2-part adaptor is required.  It is included in the purchase price.  The installation is still simple and it will improve circulation, filtration, as well as chemical and heat distribution.  Suitable for use world-wide.  Scroll down to order this model.
Fountain Attachment, Optional, FREE

The Circulator has an optional fountain attachment, that adds beauty and the sounds of tranquility.  Kids will have fun with the water spray, hour after hour. Simply screw the fountain attachment, into the end of the installed Circulator. Includes accessories to create a variety of spray patterns. Only 1 fountain can be used in a pool, for best results. Order yours, for just a $7.99 handling charge (shows up as a shipping charge), with any current Circulator purchase!  Limit of one per swimming pool is recommended, for proper performance. A $79.95 Retail Value.  Click here to see installation schematic image

Solar-Powered Floating Pool Light, FREE
Solar Pool Light - Free with The Circulator.

BONUS!!!  Free with a current purchase of The Circulator.
Just pay a modest Shipping and Handling charge of $8.95.
The Solar Light has a suggested Retail Value of $39.95.

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The Circulator
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Item Description Cost Each Place Order
The Circulator The Circulator
Replacement Fitting
$43.99 each
(U.S. and Canada Only)
The Circulator The Circulator
Replacement Fitting
$56.99 each **
(International Orders Only)
Price includes the required adaptors, for pools outside of North America
The Circulator

The Circulator - #10027 Intex & Easy Sey, 2-part adaptor. The Circulator - #10027 Intex & Easy Sey, 2-part adaptor.
The Circulator
Replacement Fitting
Intex and Easy-Set Pools
(Includes 2-part adaptor)
$59.98 each

Can be used world-wide.

Price includes a special 2-part adaptor, for use with Intex or Easy-Set pools.
Fountain attachment, for the Circulator. Fountain Attachment, FREE
($79.95 value)
(Offer valid only with a current purchase of The Circulator)
Usage limited to 1 per pool.
 Shipping/Handling Cost: $7.99
Handling Charge Only
One cent of the shipping and handling cost will be billed as the cost of the item.
Solar Pool Light - Free with The Circulator. Solar Pool Light, FREE
($39.95 value)
Offer valid only with a current order, for The Circulator.  
Limit of 1 per customer order.
 Shipping/Handling Cost: $8.95
Handling Charge Only
One cent of the shipping and handling cost will be billed as the cost of the item.
The Fountain and/or the Solar Light must be ordered, at the same time as The Circulator, to qualify for this special offer.  Otherwise, additional shipping charges will apply.
All shipments made via best way.
Everything ordered ends up in the same cart.

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We ship World-Wide.

Free Shipping

* FREE Shipping . . . within the Continental U.S.
* A $9.99 handling charge will apply to Continental U.S. orders, under $75.00.  U.S. Orders outside of the Continental (48 states) U.S. may require some additional charge, based on quantity and destination.
** Most products can be shipped World-Wide. 
International and orders outside of Continental U.S. - see comments below.

** International Orders and Shipments outside of the Continental U.S.
Place order above. Shipping charges will be calculated and added to the order, based on quantity and destination.  Shipments are usually made via Priority Mail International, with an expected delivery of 7-10 days, after shipment. Some orders, outside of The Continental (48) U.S., may require additional shipping charges, based on weight, size and destination. You reserve the right to cancel and receive a full refund, should you decline to proceed with the shipment.


Your privacy is important and will be protected. No information will be shared with any third party, other than the product's manufacturer.

All prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice. Aqualab Systems, Inc. or the website shall not be held responsible for pricing, graphic or typographical errors.  Prices do not include any applicable duty or taxes and are the responsibility of the buyer.

Any unit, accepted for return, may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Any claims of incorrect items, shortages, shipping damage or failure to perform properly. must be reported within 7 days, of the receipt of the merchandise. After 14 days, no refunds will be given and repair and/or replacement will be subject to the manufacturer's warranty policy. Returned goods must be in the original packaging and may be subject to a reasonable restocking charge. For returns within 14 days, after receipt of the merchandise, a return authorization number is required.  If returned more than 10 days after authorization has been given, the return may not be accepted for refund. Send an e-mail, including relevant information, to: to request a return authorization number. Returns, after 14 days, will not be accepted.

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One of the ColorQ all-digital, pool and spa water analyzers.
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All-Digital Testers
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Pool and Spa
Nano-Stick Clarifiers

New Nano-Technology destroys organic wastes and improves pool or spa clarity.
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Automatic Filter Cartridge Cleaners For all sizes of pool and spa cartridges.
MegaChlor salt chlorine generator for spas, swim spas and pools up to 10,000 gallons.
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Chlorine Generators
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Fix A Leak for pools and spas.
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WaterLink SpinTouch Lab, for pools and spas.
The next generation in Ultimate Pool and Spa Water Analyzers.  It's as good as it gets.
Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid-Epoxy Coating, for pools and spas.
Hybrid-Epoxy Paint For Residential and Commercial Pools, Spas and Water Parks.
Pool Art Graphic Mosaic Mats, for all types of pools.
Graphic Mosaic Mats Just simply position on pool floor. Weighted to stay in place. Easy!!!
Magnetic water conditioners for spas, pools and the whole house.
Powerful Magnetic
Water Conditioner
Eight powerful magnets help control Scaling issues.
Pool Refresh eliminates phosphates and metals, from pools and spas.
Phosphates - Metals
Solves these problems, in pools and spas.
rechargeable outdoor lighting.
Outdoor Lighting  Rechargeable, waterproof lights, for pools and backyards.
Card On Guard, Solar UV Sanitizer, for pools and spas.
Using new technology, you can reduce chlorine or bromine usage and get better pool or spa results.
Swim Endlessly in place, just like the swim pros do.
Swim Endlessly in Place, like a PRO.
Do Aquatic Training in any type of pool.
Sacrificial Zinc Anode, for Pools and Spas.
Sacrificial Zinc Anode
Helps prevent corrosion of metal.
Shock-Guard Electrical Harazd warning system.
Volt Detector Alarm
Detects and warns of potential electrical shock hazards, in pools and spas.
Stain Reversall Kit.
Removes copper, iron and manganese stains and prevents a future recurrence.
Solar-Powered Mineralizer
Dual-Ion Purifier
Treats all pools up to 32,000 gallons.
MatalTrap Filters remove heavy metals.  Available in 3 sizes.
Metal Removing Treatment Filters
 Removes Iron, Copper and Manganese, as water flows through.
NUVO Ultraviolet Sterilizers for residental pools, of all types.
Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizers
for all types of Residential Pools.

Floating Skimmer
Connects to a standard pool skimmer intake. Use with or without a suction-side vacuum.

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