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The Circulator Feedback

Comments from some of the many satisfied users.

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The Easy Way To Improve Pool Circulation and Eliminate Dead Zones.


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#2086 ColorQ 2X - 2nd Generation Pool/Spa Tester Circulator boosts pool water circulation. Relaiant salt chlorine generators, 3-models, for all types of pools, up to 40,000 gallons.
MetalTrap 1-Micron Pre-Filters, for Pools and Spas. MegaChlor salt chlorine generator for spas, swim spas and pools up to 10,000 gallons.
MetalTrap Stain Reversal Kit, for pools and spas. Adding The Pool Circulators will help improve pool water circulation and sanitizer dispersion.  It helps with pool cleaning and sanitizing.
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Add a Pool Cleaning Product.
Add a Pool Sanitizing Product.

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PockeTester #1742-Kit, for pH and Orp Testing.

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Feedback About The Circulators

First love the pool circulators.  Recommended to others.  GREAT device.  NOW they want to replace my 1 hp motor with 2 hp motor. Have three jets feeding pool, all three have circulators in them.  ANY problem with bumping up horsepower to the Circulators.

John M., 5/2/2014

(The answer to his question is that will be no problem, with the larger pump

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I have told neighbors, friends and pool repair companies about The Pool Circulator.  I am a DEVOTED user!  Thank you.

Jim M., 2/17/2014

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I like the way it works. I have always had 2 areas that leaves and dirt collected. These have that area clean now. thanks I will tell my neighbors and friends about the Pool Circulator.

William W., Oklahoma, 5/2/2013

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My battles with mustard algae seem to have disappeared, once I added the two Pool Circulators. It only took a few minutes and has saved me lots of timer and chemicals. No wonder you recommended the product, as part of the mustard algae treatment.

John, C., Destin, FL 9/1/2011

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The Pool Circulator definitely improved the water distribution. I can feel the temperature are more uniform, between the top and bottom. I is doing just what is pictured. Thank you for the website and the help, you offer.

J. L., East Northport, NY 8/12/2011

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I always had problems with algae growing in the corners, especially, the deep end. Once I added the Pool Circulators, the problem seemed to disappear. I guess better circulation is bringing more chlorine to those spots. Best regards.

Joe P., Hobe Sound, FL 9/12/2010

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You were very helpful in answering the many questions we had. We also purchased the pool circulator from you, and it's great! Thanks once again for your time.

Dave, Canada, 5/20/2009

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I have pool circulators, in both returns from listening to your recommendations...both work superbly. Thanks again for the best site on pools there is!!

G. M., Indiana, 3/30/2009

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I love my pool circulator. It removes cold spots and distributes product on the entire surface of the pool making it easier to keep clean and algae free. Thanks again.

Vicki G., 6/11/2008

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"It has reduced the work load, of maintaining our pool and given me more time to enjoy the pool. I vacuum less often and the water seems to use less chlorine. But, I really appreciate the time saved.

Tamara, Ohio, 8/23/2008

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"Our pool., literally, came alive, once we added The Pool Circulator. The pool looks better and stays much cleaner. By running the filter less, we are reducing our operating expenses. Thanks for a great product.

Beverly, Alabama, 6/1/2009

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"My soft-sided Intex pool always had a problem with sediment and debris collecting on the bottom. After I added The Pool Circulator, the filter catches the dirt and the water has never looked better."

Mike R., NJ, 7/8/2008

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I installed 4 pool circulators 2 weeks ago, down here on the Texas Gulf coast the pool averages about 95 degrees. The pool circulators have dropped the temperature 10 degrees!!! Believe me down here that makes a world of difference! I would recommend them to everyone who has hot pool problems!

John B., Bridge City, Texas, 7/20/2009


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