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A ColorQ, All-Digital Tester can perform all of the common pool and spa water tests and eliminates the color-matching and guesswork.  There's a model, for every testing need.   A PockeTester Kit is a convenient way to monitor the salt level, to help assure proper performance of salt chlorine generators.  The Precision UV model is an Ultraviolet Sterilizer, for all types of pools, up to 40,000 gallons.  Kills microbes that normal levels of chlorine may not.  Even better when used together.
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Salt Chlorine Generators and Better Circulation!!!
Most pools use some sort of chlorine.  A salt chlorine generator is definitely a better way to do chlorine, in any type of pool.  Salt chlorine generators are highly automated and give you better control of sanitation, helping you avoid problems such as:  algae, swimmer's ear and pink eye.  No more chlorine to handle, measure or store.  The salt level is about that found in human tears.  No installation salt chlorine generators are available, for pools, spas and swim spas, that are plug and play ready.  The Circulator is a replace return jet fitting, that creates a spiraling return flow, that reaches throughout the pool.  This provides better circulation, chemical dispersion and heat distribution.
Salt Chlorine Generators, for Pools Salt Chlorine Generators, Plug-n-Play The Pool Circulator Boosts Circulation
MegaChlor-CD salt chlorine generator, with Chlorine Detection Technology. The Ciruclater replacement return jet fitting improves pool water circulation.
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How to improve safety and reduce heat and evaporation losses?

 Safety pool covers are an increasingly popular way to provide backyard security for children and animals, by covering the pool. This can be done, without unsightly and clumsy rollers, at the push of a button or the turn of a key. Pool safety covers can be built for a natural, uncluttered look and provide the additional benefits of reduced water loss through evaporation and big savings on pool heating costs.  Scroll down the page and click on the linked keywords, catch phrases or images, in the archived answers below, to access additional information, on that topic or product.

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Cleaning Black Marks?

A couple of years ago I asked for help to remove black marks on my telescopic cover over my pool and you said to use bleach. I have lost your reply and would like to know the ratio of bleach to water again. I look onward to our reply.

Lydia R, 4/17/2018

Not all laundry bleach is the same strength - read the label. Add then bleach to enough water to dilute to 2%. Use a clean sprayer and treat the affected areas, which are probably due to mold. Repeat, if needed and, finally, hose off.  I hope that the information provided was helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 4/17/2018

Covering Up?

I'm looking for a pool cover to cover a swim / spa 8ft x 24 ft long. To keep out leaves. Can you help?

Barry W., 5/3/2017

There are lots of choices. You can purchase a lightweight laminated pool cover and cut it to size. You could have a cover made to
order. You could use a safety cover that will keep the dirt and the kids or dogs out of the pool. There are automatic pool covers, as well. It boils down to a matter of budget and needs. I suggest that you pay a local pool professional a visit, in order to help your decision making process. Good luck and I hope that I have been of assistance.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/3/2017

Pool Safety Nets?

I just found your website and see that you give very good answers. So I thought I'd email you my question. We have a couple of neighborhood ducks that love our pool. At first we thought it was cute but then we found some droppings and lots of fuzz on the water surface. Also, people said that duck droppings are not good because it produces some kind of organism that borrows into your skin. So now the visitors are not as cute any more. Do you know where we can get a big net so that they can't get in? Or do you have any other ideas we can try? Thanks much.

Angel, 6/27/2016

Ducks do two things. Eat and .... I had a boat so I know all about them. Duck dropping, people and pools are not a good mixture. There are safety nets that you can place over the pool to keep the ducks out. It will also act as a pool safety barrier for small children. Good luck and I hope it all works out.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 6/28/2016

Out Of Sight?

We are planning to redo our 16' x 36' inground pool next year and are definitely going to add an automatic pool safety cover. The remodeling will include a new finish, tile work and coping. Most covers, that I have seen, are on top of the coping. Is there another way to do this?

Dennis B., Sanford, NC, 9/14/2012

Being that you are planning on replacing the coping this should not be a problem. There are copings that will allow you to attach the cover on the hidden underside. Push a button and the cover will retract to one end. The track will not be seen. At least you know it can be done. I suggest that you work out all the details with the contractors, so there are no surprises. I hope that this information will prove to be helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 9/14/2012

Solar Cover Alternative?

Hi Alan. I use a heat pump on my 15x30 built in pool. I use it year round in South Florida and have a solar cover. I find the cover awkward to use and was wondering what alternatives that you could recommend. My wife and I would appreciate your prompt response. Thank you.

Dick S., Florida, 9/18/2010

Saltron Reliant salt chlorine generator, for pools.
Without a doubt the easiest pool cover product to use is the automatic safety pool cover. It can be operated au
tomatically, by a remote control or a keyed switch. It covers the pool and reduces heat loss, acts as a solar cover and provides safety. The heating cost savings are considerable.  It can also serve as a winter cover, but I don't think you really care!!! It can be part of a complete pool automation, that can include an automatic pool vacuum, a salt chlorine generator, pool security alarm and more. I hope that I have been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 9/18/2010

Safety Cover Algae Cleaning?

I have been through chlorine purgatory trying to rid my pool of a constant low chlorine problem. I have switched companies that test and the new company advised me how on how to treat my pool problems and they are suggesting that I have Mustard algae, which I would agree with after reading your advice column. Can't keep the chlorine up regardless of what I do and every time I shock the pool it turns to white foam on the surface and the next day the water is clear but there is a brown silt on the bottom of the pool that looks like dirt or sand but when brushed floats away like a cloud. When it is vacuumed it goes away but is back on the bottom the next day in smaller amounts. I am treating it with a copper algaecide and I am wondering how to clean the bottom of my automatic cover to make sure it is not on the cover also. Or is this step even necessary? I am brushing the sides rigorously and vacuuming and washing filters almost daily while keeping up the Chlorine to 5+. Am I doing it right and is this the way to rid the problem. Thank you.

Jack M. 6/18/2013

You seem to be on the right track and adding a copper algaecide could help make the difference. Cleaning the automatic cover
The Circulator boosts pool circulaion. might be helpful. You can raise the water level and make sure the free chlorine level is elevated and let the chlorine reach the underside.  I would suggest having the free chlorine at 10 PPM, before this is done and be prepared to add more chlorine, if required. This sort of thing, might need to be done yearly, when the pool is opened. Poor circulation can make algae growth more likely. You might consider adding THE POOL CIRCULATOR. The easy to install device will eliminate the dead spots that can promote algae growth. I hope that this information proves helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 6/18/2013

Cleaning The Automatic Cover?

I read through many posts but I couldn't find anything on this issue. I have a vinyl liner pool with a manually operated an in track safety pool cover. Every time I open the pool cover, the pool has more dirt settled on the bottom of it. I vacuum it and get it nice and clean, and then the next time I open it (usually the next day) it is dirty again! The cover is supposed to help keep dirt and debris out of the pool, but I am wondering if the dirt that settles on top of the cover is being rolled onto the water wide of the cover when it is rolling up on its spool, and then dropping that dirt into the pool when I close the cover again. Is this what is likely happening, and if so, what is the best solution to cleaning the top of my pool cover off? Or is there likely something else I am missing entirely. Thanks for you help!
Derek, Clovis, NM, 5/16/2009

I don't think you're missing anything and you see it for what it is. Dust and dirt settles on the cover and eventually ends up in the
pool. If it were not covered, the same dirt would enter the pool in small amounts.  I suggest that you clean the cover, periodically, and deal with this dirt all at once, rather than daily. I hope that this information will prove helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/16/2009

Heater Cost Savings?

1st, your site is very helpful and informative. I have used it time after time for  questions pertaining to my pool.  Your answers have always been exact and have helped me solve my problems. My questions pertain to Pool Safety Covers: How effective are they?  Are they cost effective?  I would like to use it all year round.  Are they easy to operate?  Do you have prices for various sizes? Thanking you in advance.
Mike, N.Y., 9/28/20012

I assume that you are referring to an automatic pool safety cover. This type of cover can be used year round, as a safety cover, a
solar cover and as a winter cover. There is a cost savings, associated with pool heating costs, that can be considerable. The cover can be operated at the press of a button and can be part of pool automation. Thanks for visiting the website and I hope that I have been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 9/28/2012

Savings, Costs and Benefits?

Your website is awesome. Can a pool safety cover pay for itself in heater costs, over a period of time? Can it be used with a solar cover? Thanks.

Austin, 1/11/2005

It is unlikely to completely pay for itself in heater costs, but it will make a considerable difference. This type of cover is not
generally used with a solar cover, as that would eliminate some of the convenience. It, however, does act as a solar blanket to help retain heat, reduce evaporation and raise the water temperature. One thing an automatic pool safety cover does extremely well is to provide safety and piece of mind. The closing of the cover helps protect children and animals from falling into an unattended pool. How do you put a price on that?  I hope that I have been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 1/11/2005

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Reducing Heater Costs?

I was browsing through your website for information on mustard algae and came across a reference to pool safety covers reducing heating costs. I am involved in the management of our home owners association pool - Olympic size - and was wondering if this type of product can be used in our pool. Any idea as to possible savings? Costs? Does it operate manually or can it be done automatically? If the cover is a safety cover, is there any insurance savings? Thank you for any assistance that you can offer.
Irving S., Delray Beach, Florida, 10/8/2005

Considerable cost savings can be had by reducing the overnight heat loss due to evaporation and radiational cooling. This type of
automatic pool safety cover can be operated manually or automatically and it can locked in place for additional safety. I have no information about potential insurance savings: you need to discuss this with your insurance agent. In order to determine costs, possible savings and practicality. I hope that I have been of help. By the way, it seems to have been a bad year for mustard algae problems! Good luck with the project.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 10/9/2005

Winterizing With A Pool Safety Cover?

Our pool is a 16' X 36' and we had it built with the intention of adding an automatic safety pool cover in the future. My question is can the safety pool cover be used as winter cover? Thanks for the help.

Dawn & Jim, Fayetteville, NC, 6/3/2009

In many areas a safety pool cover can be used as a winter cover. However, the procedures for winterizing are different. The water level must be dropped below the skimmer, the lines blown out, openings sealed off and ice compensators or Gizmos, added to the skimmers. Afterwards, the water level is raised so that it will help support the cover, in case of major accumulations during the winter. It is still possible to use a conventional winter cover on out, in order to completely seal off the pool for the winter months. A lot depends upon where in the country you are and the type of winter conditions. Your dealer or installer should be able to provide you with specific instructions for you area and for your specific needs. I hope that I have been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 6/3/2009

Cost Savings?

Hi there. I have what I consider to be a lot of pool equipment: an automatic pool vac, a salt chlorine generator and a pool heat pump. We are thinking about getting an automatic pool cover. Do you have any information as to the savings in heating costs and chemical costs. We like the idea of the safety factor and the possibility of complete automation and the cost savings would be a bonus. Thanks for any help that you can offer.

J and A, 9/13/2008

P.S. GGGGGGreat website -- keep it up.

You could except a considerable savings on the cost of heating the pool: up to 70% based on materials that I have read. How
The Circulator for all types of pools.ever, the actual savings will depend upon your pool location, exposure and how you use the cover. Evaporation will likewise be reduced and you will save on water. The safety pool cover will reduce the effect of the Sun on the chlorine level and should make a noticeable savings. The cover can, also, help keep out debris, which otherwise might reduce the chlorine level. How do you put a price tag on safety and time saved? Better circulation helps improve heat distribution.  Adding the Pool Circulator, which is a replacement fitting for return jets, will dramatically improve circulation.  With a salt chlorine generator, an automatic pool vacuum and a pool heater or heat pump, you are really a candidate for pool automation. I hope that I have been helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 9/13/2008

Corrosion And Salt Chlorine Generators?

I have been using salt chlorine generators for several years and love the water quality. I have installed many with the auto vinyl covers and have not seen any problems, but I hear people saying that this is not a good idea as the salt will corrode the aluminum track that the cover rides in. Any comments on this?

Michael T, Dix, Hills, NY, 12/8/2008

Some dealers just don't like salt chlorine generators. I had one of the first installed on LI, back in the late 70's. I was co-founder of Hydrology Labs (Swim-Free) and we were the LI distributor for the first unit sold in the U.S.. A lot has been learned since then.Saltron Reliant salt chlorine generator, for pools. Manufacturers discovered that equipment with two dissimilar metals, in immediate contact, are subject to corrosion. One day my underwater light floated up. The chrome plated brass screws that held the stainless ring in place, dissolved. Simple solution, use stainless screws or plastic screws. A SCG popularity increased, the manufacturers redesigned their products accordingly. So long as there are no dissimilar metals, corrosion should not be an issue. If a pool owner adds too much salt, that increases the risk. One great thing about a SCG is that it makes for a more controllable level and avoids high chlorine concentrations and the corrosive effects of low pH. Pools using regular chlorine are at greater risk, if they allow the free chlorine to get too high and the pH too low: common problems with trichlor. The salt content or TDS of pools with SCG is not all that different from pools in the Sunbelt that use liquid chlorine and have hard water. And no one is worrying about corrosion, in these pools. Make sure that the grounding is right and that the pool safety cover tracks is hosed out periodically. Good advice, no matter how the pool is sanitized.  I hope that this information is helpful.

Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 12/8/2008

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