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Pool Water Analysis Reports
The report, pictured below, is a graphic representation of a printout,
as opposed to an image of an actual printed example.  It is intended to
suggest the range of information and printout capabilities.

Printouts produced using WaterLink SPIN and WaterLink Express Labs
and the DataMate 10 CD
Pool Water Analysis Report Your Pool Company
1234 Main St
Anytown, CA 95222
Phone:  123 456 7890
Wednesday, 11/28/2012

Page 1

Customer: 1
John Q Public
123 Pool Lane
Anytown, CA 95222
Chem Brand:
Salt Generator:
Alt Sanitizer:
  Your Pool Chemicals
  Calcium Hypochlorite
Surface Type:
Pool Type: 
  20000 gallons

Saturation Index:  -0.98
Test Results
Water Color:  None

Water Clarity:  Cloudy
Test Name Test Results Recommended Range
Free Chlorine 0 ppm 2 - 4 ppm
Total Chlorine 0 ppm 2 - 4 ppm
Combined Chlorine 0 ppm 0 - 0.2 ppm
pH 7.0 7.2 - 7.8
Hardness 250 ppm 175 - 350 ppm
Alkalinity 51 ppm 100 - 150 ppm
Cyanuric Acid 30 ppm 30 - 50 ppm
Borate   2500 -3500 ppm

Water Treatment Recommendations

ATTENTION:  For your safety, never mix different pool treatment chemicals together, before adding to your pool.
It is recommended that dry chemicals be mixed into water, in dosages of about TWO POUNDS, and that the predissolved mixture be distributed around the pool, unless otherwise directed.  It is best to circulate the water when adding chemicals to your pool.  Be sure two follow all instructions found on the manufacturer's product label.
Follow steps below in the order shown

●  Alkalinity level is low.
          Add => 22 lb 8 oz Sodium Bicarbonate
This will raise the alkalinity to the recommended range.  Split the recommended dosage into three treatments.  Allow the pool to circulate at least 6 to 8 hours between each of the three partial adjustments.  It is best to mix this chemical with water before adding it to the pool.

●  Hardness level is O.K.
●  Superchlorination is required.
          Add => 3 lb Dichlor Shock
          A chlorine shock treatment is needed.  This should be made at night or when the pool is not being used.  The pool should not be used until the free available chlorine is again within the ideal range.  Be sure to predissolve before adding.
●  Stabilizer level is O.K.
●  Cloudy water was reported.
          Add => 4 oz Clarifier
  If the cloudy condition persists 8-12 hours after the above adjustments have been made, treat with a clarifier according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Thank You For Choosing Your Pool Company


The above is a reproduction of a water analysis report produced using a WaterLink SPIN or WaterLink Express Lab and the DataMate 10 Software. This report only illustrates some of the reporting capabilities.   Test results are printed out on standard paper sizes and are customized with store information.  The WaterLink SPIN produces results for the following tests:  Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Iron and Copper or Biguanide, Biguanide Shock, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Iron and Copper.  The WaterLink 3 Express Lab performs the following tests:  Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Iron, Copper, Biguanide, Biguanide Shock, Borate, Nitrate, Phosphates, Manganese and Ozone.  Salt testing requires the use of a separate Salt PockeTester.

WaterLink Testers Information          Salt PockeTesters Information

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