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Pool Python Instructions

Return Jet Powered Pool Surface Skimmer

Solar-Breexe Robotic, Solar-Powered Pool Skimmer-cleaner. Return-Jet Powered Pool Surface Skimmer Remote Controlled Pool Surface Skimmer.
Portable, battery-powered hand-held vacuums, for all types of pools and spas. PB-PRO-1500Li Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum
Water Sweeper Broom The Pool Python, pictured directly above, creates a powerful surface skimmer, using the pool's return jet.  Simple to install and available in above ground and inground models.  Includes replaceable and re-usable collection bags. Click any image for Product and Ordering Information.  Water broom sweeps away dirt, debris and chemical spills.

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Installation Instructions

More Product Information and Ordering

The Pool Python wins a entrepreneurial competition.

Pool Python wins a local competition. MERRILLVILLE — For the first time in the six-year history of The Big Sell, audience members’ votes resulted in a tie Saturday that propelled 11 rather than 10 emerging entrepreneurs into the final afternoon round to win $100,000 in cash prizes and startup services.

And the two top winners in the Open/Social Entrepreneurship category are local residents – Robin Bissker, of Valparaiso, for his Pool Python Pool Skimmer, and Kim Macchiaella, of Hammond, for her One Shot Mc Shot.

The Pool Python draws the pool’s surface water into it and through a filter bag, capturing any floating insects and debris, said Bissker, who came to Valparaiso 18 years ago from South Africa.

“I was cleaning pools and cleaning gutters when I came up with this idea,” said Bissker, who currently makes the equipment in his basement. “You don’t need as many chemicals. It saves the filter and the pump. There’s no dangerous suction. It could also be used to clean up oil spills and harvest duckweed, which is a high-protein rich animal feed.”
Instructions To Install The Pool Python™
  1. Locate the Return Valve (where the water enters the pool from the pump).
  2. Remove the round eyeball-valve, its retaining ring, and its housing (socket) to expose the female 1-1/2” thread. The housing can be tight and you might need a tool to remove it. An opened plumbers-wrench inserted into the opening works well for this. Remember to rotate anti-clockwise to remove. This is the hardest part!
  3. Bend The Pool Python's goose-neck hose in such a position to allow you to screw The Pool Python's connector into the connection in the wall. While holding the connector firmly and ensuring that is not cross-threaded, screw it in approximately 5x turns. When in position it the special tape will bind in the thread and hold it steady.
  4. Orient the connector so that the flexible hose is at an approximately 45 degree angle as shown above.
  5. Set the body of The Pool Python horizontally, almost submerged with just the top surface out of the water. See above.
  6. If you have a high-flow filtration system, it is recommended you remove the pressure relief plug on the connector. This will help considerably to move the pool's water in a circular rotation, greatly improving your pools cleaning efficiency. If you have a dual return system, it might not be necessary to remove the plug. Excess pressure will be diverted to the other return valve. Direct the other eyeball valve in the same direction as the Pool Python's flow to maximize water flow.
  7. Turn on the pump.
  8. Adjust The Pool Python until it is visibly working at its maximum efficiency. The water jet, inside the unit, is also adjustable – simply push the end with your finger. Adjust this jet to reduce noise and increase its “pulling power” and reduce out-flow or bubbling on the opposite corner of the slot near the bag.
Instructions To Empty The Debris Bag
  1. Turn off pump.

  2. Remove black retaining ring and bag. Set retaining ring aside and empty the bag by turning it inside out. Rinse.

  3. To re-attach, feed the open end of the bag through the ring and fold outwards and over by about 1 inch. Slip bag and ring over the end and fit to the four grooves. See illustration.

  4. Turn on pump and adjust The Pool Python if necessary.

Fine Tuning - What To Do If...
  • The wall fitting and The Pool Python's connections do not match.
    You need a 1-1/2” female connector to screw The Pool Python into. Take the fittings you removed and The Pool Python to your local pool store. They will be able to supply the correct adapters or contact us and we can advise you on the correct fittings.
  • I overextended the segmented hose and it has broken inside the white hose.
    This is easy to correct. Remove The Pool Python from the wall. Remove the white outer hose and straighten the goose neck hose as much as possible. Replace the white outer hose. While firmly holding the outer white hose as straight as possible, place one end on a firm surface such as the edge of a table and exert direct pressure onto the opposite end and it will pop back into place. Re-attach The Pool Python.
  • It is too noisy.

    Remove the 1/2” plug from the wall connector. This will reduce the flow of water through The Pool Python. If you have multiple return valves, remove or use a bigger diameter eyeball-valve in the other return line. If just some reduction of flow is required, you could drill a ¼” hole through the plug itself. This is a standard plumbing fitting and is available cheaply from a hardware store if you need to replace it. If you have one return valve and a pump larger than 1.5hp, you might wish to enlarge the hole in the connector. You will need a 1” drill bit to do this. To temporarily quiet The Pool Python, “drown” it by submerging it. This will not damage it or harm your filter system.
  • The water flow seems slow.
    You might have a small pump. Even with the 1/2” plug installed, it might not work as efficiently as a 1hp or bigger pump.

    Raise The Pool Python higher out of the water to “reduce” the size of the intake. Note that the bottom edge is angled to allow for low pressure use or allow for elevated evaporation levels. Also adjust the black nozzle inside the unit to maximize its efficiency.
    Check that your inlet flow is sufficient and that your intake system is clear of blockages.
  • I have a light on my return valve and The Pool Python does not fit.
    This product is designed for standard pools with a 1-1/2” return valve. Adapters are available to overcome this issue and are available through your local pool store. Alternatively, email us or call us and we will assist you.
  • The Pool Python seems too short. It does not reach the surface of the water.
    Your return valve is exceptionally deep. Please contact us for an easy-fit extension.
    Most problems are easily corrected and we are here to help you. If you have any questions, email
LIABILITY: The manufacturer shall not be held liable for loss or damages whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, regardless of legal theory asserted, including negligence, warranty, or strict liability.

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