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Pool and Spa Safety Information

Some thought to overall safety will provide peace of mind.
The Pool and Spa Informational Website

Pool and Spa Chemical Safety     Pool and Spa Water Safety
Tips For Healthy Swimming


Scroll down to browse through some Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Information and Suggestions.  Please click the Pool Topics Link, on top of every page, to access a complete listing of Pool Problem subjects, an alphabetized Website Table of Contents, Pool Equipment Information, About Alan Biographic Material and a Pool Glossary. Use the other links to access additional subject information. More information about some new and unique products, for pools and spas, can be found by visiting The Website Store. You'll never know what you'll find and that's always fun. Be better prepared and avoid costly problems!

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Unltravioloet (UV) sterilizers, for all ypes of residential pools and spas. The Shock-Alert 24/7 Volt Detector and Alarm System warns of electrical hazards. Creates peace of mind and a safer aquatic environment, by monitoring the pool or spa water, for the presence of electricity, 24 hours a day. If as little as 1.7 volts of electric current is detected, it sounds an audible alarm, using its built-in buzzer. Model SR salt chlorine generator, for all types of pools.

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Important Reading!!!

Always Observe Safe Chemical Handling Practices!!!
  The Do's of Pool & Spa Chemical Safety  
  • Always read the instruction labels.

  • Always add each pool or spa chemical separately to the water.

  • Always store chemicals in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, protected from children.

  • Always keep the chemical containers sealed and protected from contamination.

  • Always use protective gear, as might be indicated on the label.

  • Always maintain good housekeeping practices.

  • Always keep spilled materials isolated.

  • Always follow label directions for cleanup and disposal.

  • Always use up all of the chemical before disposing of the container.

  • Always use common sense!!!

  The Don'ts of Pool & Spa Chemical Safety  
  • Never mix different chemicals together.

  • Never store liquid chemicals above other chemicals.

  • Never place spilled chemicals back in the original containers.

  • Never use floor sweeping compounds to clean up pool or spa chemicals.

  • Never allow chemicals to contact grease, acid, oil, or organic materials.

  • Never dispose of unused chemicals by placing in the trash or sewer.

  • Never fail to read the label for disposal instructions.

  • Never dispose of an empty chemical container without rinsing clean.

  • Never fail to use common sense!!!

  LAAPS: tips for healthy swimming!!!
LAAPS Information provided by the US CDC (Center for Disease Control)

Look . . . at the pool/spa and surroundings, what should you notice?

  • Clean and clear water, you should be able to clearly see and painted stripes and the bottom of the pool or spa.

  • Smooth pool or spa sides; tiles should not be sticky or slippery.

  • No odor, a well-chlorinated pool or spa has little odor. A strong chemical smell indicates a maintenance problem.

  • Equipment working: pool and spa pumps and filtration systems make noise and you should hear them running.


Ask . . . questions of the pool/spa staff.

  • What specialized training did the staff take to prepare for working at or operating the pool or spa?

  • Are chlorine (sanitizer) and pH levels checked at least twice per day?

  • Are these levels checked during times when the most is most heavily used?

  • Are trained operation staff available during the weekends when the pool or spa is most heavily used?

  • What was the health inspector's grade for the pool after its last inspection?

  Act . . . by being proactive and educating others.  
  • Learn about recreational water illnesses (RWI) and educate other users and your pool or spa operator.
  • Urge your pool or spa management to spread the word about RWIs to the staff and users.
  • Let your pool or spa operator know that the health and well being of all swimmers is a priority for you.
  • Check the pool or spa water yourself for adequate free chlorine (1-3 parts per million) and pH (7.2-7.8) levels.
  • Pool and spa chlorine test strips are available at local home improvement stores, discount retailers and pool supply stores. If you want to practice using them at home, click below for instructions:

  Practice . . . healthy swimming behaviors.  
  • Refrain from swimming when you have diarrhea.
  • Avoid swallowing pool or spa water or even getting it into your mouth.
  • Shower before swimming and wash your hands after using the toilet or changing diapers.
  • Take children on bathroom breaks or check diapers often.
  • Change diapers in a bathroom and not at poolside and thoroughly clean the diaper changing area.
  Safety . . . is always important.  
  • Keep an eye on children at all times, kids can drown in seconds and in silence.
  • Don't use air-filled swimming aids (such as "water wings") with children in place of life jackets or life preservers.
  • Outdoor locations: protect against sunburn by using a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and both a UVA and UVB protection, and use sure to reapply it after swimming.

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