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Leaktronics Technology Advanced Leak Detection Equipment.

Technologically Advanced
Water Leak Detection Equipment


Swimming Pools - Spas - Fountains

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Additional information and details can be obtained by visiting the LeakTronics Website. Click here:
LeakTronic High Tech Leak Detection Equipment

LeakTronics Features A Complete Line of Professional Leak Detection Equipment

At LeakTronics, it is our goal is to advance the science and practice of electronic leak detection technology and equipment, meeting the growing and changing needs of the 21st Century. LeakTronics professional leak detection equipment surpasses the older and dated technology, that the pool and spa industry has been relying on, for the last 25 years. LeakTronics has embarked on a technologically, innovative path, within our specific niche of the leak detection industry.
Winner of the Top 50 Products Award in the Pool & Spa News
Video Monitor

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  • The right technology to help detect leaks in swimming pool, spas and fountains.

  • Video training aids.

  • Professional Detection Kits to suit every need.

  • Put an arsenal of technology and tools to work, detecting and locating a leak.

  • Choose from 4 Leak Detection Kits.

  • The Stick Cam gets a view of hard to reach places.

  • The Hand Held Video Pro allows you to view inside the length of a pipe.

  • Put 21st Century Technology to work for you.

  • Use pressure, sound and sight to detect and locate leaks.

  • LeakTronics . . . helping you set the new professional standard.

Does your leak involve a structural concrete crack???

Torque-Lock Concrete Crack Repair System.
Click Image For Info

Many concrete crack repair methods have been tried, with little success. For example, epoxy injections are largely insoluble in water, but they cannot be forced deep into cracks. When Torque Lock Staples are used with epoxy, you can rest assured that the crack has been properly repaired.  This is how to make a rock-solid repair, that will help assure against further expansion of the crack. Fix the crack properly and the leaking could stop.


LeakTronics . . . choose the technology you need!!!

Leaktronics Pro Kit Leaktronics F.L.A.S.H. Kit Leaktronics Complete Pro Kit Leaktronics Plumbers Kit
Pro Kit F.L.A.S.H. Complete System Complete Pro Kit Plumbers Kit
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  Leaktronics The Stick Cam Leaktronics Video Kit  
  The Stick Cam Hand Held Video Pro  

Locate leaks like a Professional . . . be the one to set the new standard in leak detection.

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 for additional manufacturer's information and product resources.

Leaktronics Technology Advanced Leak Detection Equipment.
21430 Strathern Street, Suite G
Canoga Park, CA 91304

Tel. (818) 436-2953

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