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Spa Cover Lifter Feedback

Comments from some of the many satisfied users.

Spa Thermal Cover Lifter

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The Easy Way To Remove a Spa Thermal Cover

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Scroll down to browse through some feedback, from users the Spa Cover Lifters!!!


Rock Palms
Full View

White Sand Palms

Full View Spa Scene - Fern Falls
Fern Falls
Full View

Spa scenic backdrops, for uplifted spa thermal covers.
Aqua Palms
Full View

Red Rock Falls

Forest Falls
Full View

A Cover Lifter makes removing a spa thermal cover much easier.  So why not make it beautiful, as well?  Add a Spa Scenic backdrop, to the uplifted underside of the spa cover, and look what happens!!!
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Feedback About Spa Cover Lifters


I wish I had found this product sooner.  All that bother with the cover has ended.  I found your website, while looking for information on a salt chlorine generator.  It's not high tech, but it works. Best regards.

Valerie S., Cary, NC 9/2/2012

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Hello Alan.  I probably would not have taken the time to write, but I was on your website and had a question.  I thought that I would give you a heads up, on the spa cover lifter, that I recently ordered.  The cover lifter was everything, that I hoped it would be.  Now if, I could only get the spa chemistry right.  Thanks for your help.

Paul J., Port Jefferson, NY 2/14/2012

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What a great product. It took two people to remove the cover. Now my wife can do it alone. I will probably add the Spa Scenery next. Thanks for being there.

Mike F., Boca Raton, FL 10/30/2011

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Hi Alan. I owned a spa for 5 years, before I finally bought a cover lifter, from your website. It was a breeze!!! Now, I just added the Fern Falls Spa Scenery and I feel like I am at a resort. It has made the spa all the more enjoyable. The only reason I came to find these products was because I Googled "Cloudy Spa Water" and I found your website. I have it book marked. Thanks.

Arnold B., Dix Hills, NY, 3/24/2011

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What a difference the cover lifter made. I always had to get help to remove it. Now, I can do it all by myself. I am positively happy, that I ordered it. And the shipping was prompt, too. Thank you.

Judy W., Springfield, VA, 11/14/2010

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The only bad part of using the spa was removing the cover. My new Cover Lifter has made that almost effortless. Great product.  Thanks.

Larry S., Key West, FL, 3/3/2010

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Received the cover lifter. Installed it today, works perfectly. Many thanks for the service. Regards.

Remco W., The Netherlands, 1/1/2010

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